Age is simply a number. Time and again we have seen how people in their forties have made big in their life. After all, nothing in life should be taken seriously. Life is indeed precious. Whether you are entering your forties, fifties, or later stages of life, you can always find funny things about your age that will make you light-hearted. And that’s the aim of writing this post. If you or your friend are turning forty, you can send them plenty of funny wishes for them

You have now completed four decades of your life. A great achievement. May you now achieve all your dreams and visions too. Happy Fortieth birthday.

With forty years of experience, now I can expect you to have a great laugh about yourself (and myself too) and not take life too seriously. Happy 40th birthday dear!

If being twenty-year-old sexy wasn’t enough, now that you are forty, you have the double sexiness of two twenty years old.

If earlier you needed one kick behind your back to do something, now you would be needing 5 kicks. That’s the effect of turning 40. Happy Birthday to you.

Glad that we have Facebook and Google for awesome birthday wishes for forties folks, otherwise we would be doomed.

In your twenties, you did it everywhere all the time. In your thirties, you still did it although less. In your forties, you will be lucky to remember when was the last time you did it.

Who says grey hair & wrinkles are bad ? The forties will make you love them with all your heart.

It’s the age where you will be young (by heart) and slow at …… Well, you know what I mean. Many many 40th birthday wishes.

40th Birthday Hilarious One-Liners

Its a great feeling when your good friends turn forty before you. Happy Birthday!

The no. of candles will be more and the size of the cake; very little. Congrats for turning 40.

When you start getting your head all together; that’s when your body starts to witness the opposite. Welcome to the forties, my friend.

You may have turned 40, but you can always be in your twenties (or thirties) by lying through your teeth.

Even if we haven’t achieved anything significant in life, turning forty in itself is something great to cherish.

You may be 40 now, lethargic and irritating but you are awesome and one of its kind.

You may have turned 40, but you are always welcome to act like an idiot, just like me.

Forty is the time when men start to turn into fine wine. Speaking of wine, where is the party tonight mate?

I know you are happy about turning forty. But there are others who are happier. And they are companies like Viagra.

You know you have turned forty when

When you feel like making love to wife once in a week.

When your laugh and fart comes at the same time.

When it burns while urinating after a spicy, delicious meal.

When you are unable to bear the smallest tantrums of your dear wife for whom you would listen everything when you were young (and horny)