You are mere 5 years away from completing the 50th birthday, a feat in itself. Congrats on turning 45th.

Don’t worry. I will always tell others that you are in your thirties and not 45 years of age. You just need to bribe me tonight with fine wine and dinner.

Your first 45 years were pretty amazing. I wish the next 45 years be equally awesome for an awesome man.

Haven’t you heard the phrase that forty-fifth is the new thirty-fifth? You may have turned older physically but wiser and younger mentally too.

The time has now started where every year, you would be needing kicks at your behind for doing meager tasks. They rightly say that a kick a day, gets the work done, always!

The days have come when you will start waking up with crap without the hangover. Welcome to the 45th year of your life.

Congrats for turning 45th. From now, finding the bigger size cakes which would fit candles equivalent to your age would be like a pain in the … But enjoy the birthday.

You are not old my dear friend, you are just uninspired to make it big. The solution to it is obviously a wild kick on your behind, that too every day.

People can be good looking in their forties too. You are one example of it. Keep rocking it dear.

At times, I feel eager to kick your behind and at other times I feel like giving you the tightest hug. That’s the power of friendship. Always withstanding the thick and thin. Happy Forty fifth birthday.

When the going gets tough, the forties keep going. With all our wisdom and knowledge, we should be more determined than any other age group.

Words are powerful when lied mostly about our age. May you always be young by lying through the teeth.