Rare are the times when the right guy approaches you (online as well) and shows his intent. But when he does, the excitement and nervousness could disable you to give a flirty response that conveys a subtle green light to him. Or may be you want to play a bit hard, tease him and see how he handles the challenge. In either case, you want him to give the right signal that conveys your interest in a subtle and feminine way. This post is a sincere attempt in order to give you the perfect answers that encourages the right brain to catch your hints.

Line : – Do you have a map? Because I am lost now after seeing you.
Response : – Good that you are here because I am not really good with the directions.

Line : – I think Google was inspired by you because you have everything that I have been searching for.
Response : – May be No! But I can give you directions for finding the nearest coffee shop.

Pick Up Line : – My name is Microsoft? Can I crash at your place tonight?
Flirty Response : – You would have only few hours to be installed and uninstalled.

Line : – Are you an Alien? Because your beauty is out of this world.
Response : – May be. But God did put a lot of consideration as well when he was creating you.

Line : – Do you know what is even more beautiful than your eyes? Your Outfit
Response : – You are a quick observer. I like that.

Line: – They say that opposites attract. So are you going to be oppposite to me for the rest of your life?
Response : – May be if I can’t help it.

Pick Up Line : – Do you have some ice because the temperature is soaring high here because of you?
Response : – May be there are better ways to bring the temperature down Isn’ it?

Pick Up Line : – If beauty is a crime then you should be given a life sentence.
Response : – Accepted. only if you were a partner in crime too.

Your line is pathetic but I will give you the benefit of doubt because of your cuteness.

For how long you have been practising this line?

You appear more handsome the closer you are getting to me.

You seem to be a pro at this thing. My guard mode is on full alert but you may be able to let it down.

Flirty Smooth Responses to Pick Up Lines

Line : – The temperature is hot in here? Is it because of you?
Response : – Might be because of the sparks flying between us.

Line : – Do you believe in Love at first sight or should I pass by you again?
Response : – The memory of you passing by will be retained in the brain for quite some time.

Line : – When my eyes saw you, I wish time stood by!
Response : – Don’t you want to forsee what the future holds?

Line : – Your outfit may look better on my room floor!
Response : – Clothes are meant to be taken off!

Line : Are you the reason for global warming?
Response : – Not global. But for the right guy may be!

Line: – I think I just saw the future and saw you standing by my side.
Response: – I love to be in present and see you standing in front of mine.

My gut feeling says that you could be a synonym of danger in a good way.

You look more decent than the requirement.

You look like someone who would able to handle my hotness.

Lets skip the formality talks and cut straight to the chase.

You are really good at catching the hints.

CPR is good at time. We may do it on each other with our bodies tonight!

Saying Hi would have been enough for you!

Must say that your Pick up line was much cuter than you.

Your pick up line just gave me a headache but I am allowing you to make up for it.

So this pick up line got you inside how many pants?

Must say that you are skillful to know what to say at the right time.

If you believe those lines impressed me then I must say, I was. Without them!

You try really HARD.

I must admit that you have balls of steel to approach me.

Cute Responses to Pick Up Lines on Text or f2f

Pick up line : – Is your Dad a pharmacisst? Because he manufactured the best drug in the form of you.
Response : – Could be. But I am certainly the drug with no side effects.

The night could be right for few things!

You just did the hardest thing in the world i.e. to make me smile.

I wonder where you have been hiding all day!