Every relationship has a tendency to drift towards monotony until and unless there are pro-active measures to keep the spark alive. You could be away from your partner due to personal or professional reasons. But a small one line message from them “I miss you” could wipe out your day’s fatigue. Appreciate their love with an equally flirty response to their “I Miss You”but coming up with them at the needed hour is far from easy. This is why we have prepared plenty of them in this post for you.

How to Respond to “I Miss you”?

Romantic and platonic relationships require different responses to I Miss You. If your friend texts you, you can simply keep the reply short and pleasant which expresses your non-romantic but caring attitude towards them.

This could also be used for cousins and relatives. But for your lover or your spouse, you could always say something like “Even if We are far away, I could still feel your heartbeats!”. Just a little thought into the response could make the day for your spouse or lover!

Whatever you reply is, it is important to keep it genuine and simple by using simple relatable words! Your intent is not to impress your lover with your vocabulary but to give them butterflies through the response. Some of the responses could be like :

  1. I am sure you do. I am pretty awesome isn’t it?
  2. You missing my teasing prowess are you!
  3. I know my handsomeness is unforgetable!
  4. I will be back soon to make your nights more exciting!
  5. Do you miss me or our late night pillow fight!!
  6. You will be fine by tomorrow morning! Good night!
  7. I too Miss you like the autocorrect misses you!

Amazing Flirty Responses to I Miss You To your Lover

  1. Sweetheart! You don’t miss me. You definitely crave me. And I couldn’t be more turned on knowing that!
  2. Missing every inch of your mind, body and soul. Coming back soon!
  3. I am counting the hours when our bodies will become one again my love!
  4. Even if we are far away, our hearts will always be tied with the invisible strings of love and lust! Love you!
  5. Is your heart missing me or your brain or your private part? Please Confirm!
  6. I will be back very soon to provide you more pleasurable nightmares about me!
  7. I understand that my absence is causing a serious shortage of laughter!
  8. Don’t worry. I will be your sleep disruption very soon again!
  9. I wish I could come in tablets and syrups also so that you could have me anytime.
  10. Don’t worry. I will be coming in your dreams tonight! Sleep tight!
  11. I certainly miss you too. My dreams aren’t that entertaining as are you!
  12. There are many living and non-living beings that misses me like my bed and mirror.
  13. Please specifiy what exactly are you missing about me!
  14. You got to be kidding! You are missing me even after conquering every inch of mine!

Missing me sweetheart? I am surely must be doing something right. Couldn’t wait to do righter things when I return.

Missing me could led to a heart-ache, even if it is for one day. You have been warned before!

Flirty Reponses Related to Cooking to I Miss You

Well my cooking was the missing spice in your life isn’t it!!!

You are far from alone. Even my fridge misses me a lot even when it sees me daily.

You miss me or my flawless dumplings?

I certainly miss you but not equivalent to my dark chocolate! May you be that one someday!

I miss you like the pressure cooker misses the lid!

I definitely miss you like the chef misses its favourite knife!

Its no exaggeration but I am lost in the sauce without you.

The microwave isn’t good here because it isn’t providing me enough warmth in your absence.

I certainly miss you dear like the chef misses the michellin star.

Sarcastic cum Flirty Responses to I Miss You

Missing my amazing sarcasm skills isn’t it!

I too miss you like the fish missing the water.

Its no strange but I do miss you like the chef misses its secret ingredient!

Sometimes, I miss you so much that even my cute labrador starts to look like you!

A wise man had said that laughter is the best medicine and it looks like you are due for a big dose from mine!

Please also remember me ki***ng your **s. That may yield relief!

Get a clone of mine if that may help!

Oh Really? You have feelings too isn’t it!!!

Missing me is surely a full time job and you should get paid for it!

I am certainly replaceable so why are you feeling this way!

May I know what exactly do you miss about my presence, I would be delighted to know!

My gut intution can tell me that it has been difficult for you in surviving without me.

Ofcourse you are bound to miss me. After all, who doesn’t!

Flirty Funny Responses to I Miss You Related to Bathing

I know you would be missing my amazing bathroom dance moves!

I hope you are not missing me while taking a dump!!!

Our bathroom conversations will go down as the liveliest in Guiness book of world records.

Aww. You missed my “clean” sense of humor isn’t it!!!

In the midst of missing me, please don’t forget my once in a lifetime shampoo recommendations!

You are not missing me but certainly my towel-folding skills!

I was certain that my bathroom charisma was unbeatable!

You definitely saw the peak of my attractiveness in the shower!


How to respond to I Miss You without saying it back

Every second without you feels like a wasted opportunity! Love you to the moon and back!

My nights are sleepless and the days are colorless without you at my side.

The heart here too aches for you love and touch darling! Coming back soon.

Perfect Flirty response to “I miss you” text from a guy

I can’t wait for our sweet symphony to resume when we meet again! Love you!

My actions will convey you how much I missed you. Come sooner my love!

The world seems brighter when you and your aroma wraps my mind, body and soul.

Its a universal fact that I miss you deeply, passionately, and with an intensity that words will never convey.

How to respond to flirty response to i miss you text from a girl

I crave your presence like a sailor longs for the shore after a treacherous journey.

It is becoming increasingly hard to imagine a second without you!

Distance certainly fuels the flames of desires and we are going to quench it like tomorrow doesn’t exist.