It can be difficult to come up with appropriate flirty birthday wishes for your guy crush or male friend at times. But worry not, because we jotting some of the best flirty birthday texts for him. You will like all of them.

When the divine was designing you, he took plenty of time. You turned up more than alright I guess!

Many things will be tested tonight! One of them is your stamina!

Boy, you are as charismatic as one could get!

You not only kill with your intellect but with your looks too!

May this birthday enliven all the cells of your body.

Do not party too hard without me.

I hope you won’t get tired tonight!!!

Your eyes will feast upon something really hot tonight. Be prepared.

You may drive me crazy but I thrive on it.

You are one of the best things that have ever happened to me.

God spent an insane time when he was making you but it was all worth it. Happy Birthday

It is true that some things can not be expressed in words but through actions only. Happy Birthday.

Flirty Birthday messages for Male Crush

You are more awesome than you believe yourself to be!

Happiness is thinking about you (sometimes) when I am happy.

I don’t know why you are the center of my universe at times. Happy Birthday anyways

Where there is a will, a way always come up.

Your birthdays are like mine.

All my cells are feeling goosebumps while wishing you a happy birthday.

May you be bombarded with all the beautiful women in the world.

May God sent more God’s gift to women like you.

You deserve lots of love and hugs. Happy Birthday

I may be far but my thoughts and birthday wishes will travel all distance to your heart.

May all the naughty things come in your dreams tonight

I wish all your dreams come true, with me.

May you become a pro at what you do.

Imagining you in your sparkling T-shirt and jeans. Happy Birthday handsome.

Special Flirty Texts for Boyfriend Birthday

You are gonna have a time of your life today and tonight!

Gonna knock your sock’s off today!

You are more handsome than you ever think of yourself to be

You don’t need a special gift when you already have me, babe

Some bonds are sacred like ours. Happy Birthday, darling!

May your this birthday be as unforgettable as I am.

Gonna try out lots of new cuisines for you tonight