It has been an amazing experience with you, for now, fifteen years. You have been outstanding all these years and we couldn’t have asked anything more from you. What we do ask from you is to stay with us for many many more years to come. We want folks like you to be always with our organization. A very happy 15th work anniversary to you dear!

It is amazing how time has flown by all these years. These fifteen years have given us everything. Joy, happiness, disagreements and what not. But we have sailed the ship (and still sailing together) with our collaboration, support, and transparency. We wish that someone like you will always be with us for the eternity. We thank you for these wonderful fifteen years. May you look forward to another fifteen years with us. Happy Work anniversary to you.

The best things in life don’t necessarily come from our family always. Sometimes, it is the people we work with that bring the best out of us. We are immensely happy that you have now given 15 dedicated years of your life. But the collaboration is certainly not over. We wish more and more of you in the coming years. Happy fifteenth anniversary to you dear.

Never we would have thought that our journey would come such a long way. We can only say that we are fortunate enough to have people like you with us, who give their heart and soul to the organization. We value creativity, hard work and a great happy environment. And you certainly bring more than what any organization would need. Take a bow from us for completing fifteen years of your life. Happy Work anniversary. But we still have plenty of years left to work together.

Some people are born with great attitude and charisma and some have to develop it. We are so proud to say that you have not only learnt a lot of skills but are now excelling in them owing solely to your sheer hard work. Goes to sure that nothing in this world is impossible if your hunger to succeed is more than the fear of failure. So glad to have folks like you with us. Happy fifteenth anniversary with our organization.