Our friendship has gone through the ebbs and flows, the ups and downs. And nothing has been more fruitful than it is. May it remains alive for all the next lifetimes too. Happy Birthday dear!

It has been an amazing experience growing up with you. I have learnt some amazing things from you and I can only say that you are stunningly special. Many many happy returns of the day to you!

Its a day you anticipate all year along. Tonight, get dressed up in one of the amazing outfits and I will wine and dine you at an equally amazing place. Because special friends deserve a special treatment.

The divine really took a long time to sculpt you and I must say that he did an excellent job. Whenever he wants to create a beautiful and wise girl, I guess he surely considers your references.

No matter how much we fight or argue, we will always be there in times of difficulty. The strings of our heart will always be connected no matter how far we will be. A very happy birthday to you!

May the divine pours down his infinite mercy, blessings and beauty upon you. May you remain gorgeous for eternity. Happy birthday dear!

Its only the altruistic people in lives that do not get their heart shattered and doomed despite getting hurt from many of their own. I salute your willpower to stand the test of times.

You are a bright star of the universe. The divine made with you in great vibration and with patience. May you accomplish everything that your heart desire. Happy Birthday to my lovely friend!

Every once in a while my confidence gets shattered, only to be mended by the soothing love and prayers of my wonderful friend. May the divine bless her with mountains of success.

it really takes a special woman to be more gorgeous from inside than from outside. May you always stay like this forever.

Its nice to have a vulnerable heart with whom another vulnerable heart can share the feelings. The world would be so much nicer if there were women like you. Happy birthday to an awesome woman of my life!

The kind of exuberance, joy and vigor that you bring into my life is unparalleled. I may not admit it other times, but every fiber of my being feels enliven when you are around!

Funny wishes to Female friend on Birthday

Its the day when you came screaming into this world while the rest of the world was rejoicing upon your arrival.

Do not, and I mean it, do not put your eye line and mascara. We of course want to invite your friends to the birthday party and not to get jealous by your stunning looks.

Over the years, I have come to realize that the best way to rejuvenate myself is to pull your legs. I am sure you like to do the same thing to me also.

There is a nice, natural way of achieving wider gluts and bigger t***es. It is by being a couch potato. Good luck!

You have not only been my a great friend but an equally impressive punchbag. Kudos to that!

I have thought of a nice wonderful gift to give you, on your next birthday. What more you need on this birthday other than my exuberant and charming presence!!

You have insanely helped me to form friendships with some of your prettiest friends. God bless such special woman like you. 😀 Happy Birthday dear!

Its hard to be just friends with a beautiful, gorgeous and intelligent girl like you. But I will always succeed after lots of difficulties.

Getting an understanding about the insights of the female mind is definitely easier, thanks to beautiful friend like you. I wish I had more like you. 😀 Happy birthday dear!

Inspiring birthday wishes for her

Bravo is the woman who does not raise hue and cry for the challenges she face in her life. I wish more women be like you darling.

No matter how depressing the situation is, where there is a will, there will always come up a way. Keep the pursuit going because dreams are those that never lets you sleep. Happy Birthday!

I strongly believe that no other force could make this planet happier, and peaceful than strong, confidant and loving woman like you. I pray to the divine to send plenty of more like you.

The pressure of circumstances and intense criticism can either make us a hardened steel or a dejected personality. The choice is upon us to be on either side.

Its a myth that women cannot achieve more than a man. You have proved it wrong with absolute certainty and I wish more women look upto you! You are an inspiration!

Sometimes all it takes for a woman to showcase her ability is to rise up to the occasion and give her very best.

I truly abide the belief that a good woman can make the circumstances heavenly, be it at workplace or home.