Men and women always share an interesting dynamic, of trust, friendship, and supportiveness. And when it comes to office space, having a supportive colleague, be it female or male, is very crucial. While it is easy to give funny jokes to a guy colleague, care has to be taken to send birthday funny jokes to your female colleague, without crossing the line or by making her feel uncomfortable. And this is where this post will come of immense help to you. Here we have shared real hilarious birthday wishes for your female co-worker which will invoke a chuckle from her. Do share it with her.

Happy Birthday, dear! It is only because of you that we males have adopted the habits of daily bathing and nail cutting before coming office. Thanks for indirectly instilling those nice habits in us.

Just by having you in my team, I have averted ruthless criticisms of our Bosses. Thanks for such a valuable contribution. Happy Birthday!

To our super talented female colleague. On behalf of all the team, we have arranged a nice birthday gift for you. It lies in your cabin along with invoice course. May you please pay the bill on time.

When the going gets tough in the workspace, this super talented and skilled person gets going, to our wonderful female colleague for help. Thanks for always being there for us. Many many happy returns of the day to you.

If you were a guy, we would have asked you for a nice dinner party. But we are not demanding anything else either. May you throw us all a fine wine and dine together tonight.

For all the leg pulling you have done on me throughout the year, today is when I will take out all revenge, in the form a birthday party from your own pocket ofc

One doesn’t need a strict boss in order to motivate us guys to be more productive. The nice criticism of our female colleague is more than enough.

While I may have a high Intelligent Quotient, my Emotional Quotient survives because of my female colleague, who holds a Ph.D. on it.

Whenever I make mistakes, I don’t fear my wife as much as I fear the criticism of my female colleague. Happy Birthday to her!

I choose to be lazy and unproductive at times in order to give my wonderful super talented female colleague, a chance to correct my mistakes and feel good.

When it comes to handling office politics, women are actually wiser than men. I am saying from the personal experience of my female colleague.

There is only one dear colleague in whole office who knows about my f*** ups over the years. Thank you for digesting them without spilling them dear. Happy Birthday!

Its good to be in good books of our female colleagues who themselves also are in good books of our Hitler bosses. Thank you for all your support dear all these years. Hope it will continue.

When our boss inspires us, it feels taunt! And when our female colleagues criticizes us, it feels inspiration. Strange but true! Happy Birthday by the way.