Whatever the relationship be of a guy and girl, if there is chemistry and friendliness, the dynamic is super interesting. In order to keep a healthy spark alive, sometimes it is necessary to poke fun at each other. And when it is the birthday of your female colleague, then you can stand out from the crowd and wish her some funny birthday wishes. This post is all about that. Lots of funny birthday wishes for your dear female colleague who always comes in handy to you in your mischiefs in professional endeavors.

It is no wonder that our male staff attendance has been quite high, probably due to the presence of…Well, you guessed it right. I guess so. Haha! Happy Birthday to an awesome female colleague of mine. Great to have you on our team.

You are probably the only colleague in this organization whose birthday I actually care about instead of the delicious birthday cake. Happy Birthday dear!

The secret to my great skills, productivity, and creativity lies in giving my best every time. It also lies in trying to impress my female coworker, only sometimes though.😂. Happy Birthday!

Special birthday wishes to a wonderful girl colleague of mine who always bears the burden of my work when I am on leave. Of course, I get drowned in the burden of her tasks when she is on holiday. Some nice equal repayment that is. Isn’t it dear.

No matter how good you befriend your female colleague, you still will never get to know her real age. True isn’t it dear? Happy Birthday to you!

It is very much different in taking criticism from a female colleague than from the opposite gender🤣. But I hope you don’t get carried away in doing that to us dear. A very happy birthday to you.

Hey Dear! Have you ever realized that every mundane task feels like a great learning curve when an awesome female colleague gets to sit with even a more awesome guy colleague? Happy Birthday my dear!

It is my firm belief that I should always ask for a promotion from the boss at the same time when my wonderful dear colleague, which happens to be female by the way, also asks for it from the boss.😂 I feel my chances of promotion too would be very high then.

After just a couple of months in this office, I have come to realize that the best time to make mistakes and get let off by the management is when your highly skilled female colleague also makes the mistake.

It is amazing how good it feels to vent bitching about the boss when a female candidate is also involved in the bitching process with enthusiasm. Haha! Happy Birthday to one awesome of my female colleague friend.

Whenever I take unannounced holidays, I know I won’t be scolded by HR because she will come with a perfect excuse for my holiday which the HR would also empathize with. I don’t know how tough office could be without you, my dear.