A dad is one who will smile even through the toughest phases of life; the one who will keep you in check but will love you to the core; and someone who will leave no stone unturned to see you happy. Whether you are a son or a daughter, the dynamics with the dad is lively and entertaining. And this is why when it’s the birthday of your Dad, you got to present some funny wishes to him. And that is exactly what we have brought in this post for you. Lots of funny wishes for him on his birthday. Do share it with your father.

Life may have thrown a lot at you Dad but at least not the ugly children. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to an awesome Dad who may scold us in front of mommy but always support our goals and visions behind our backs.

The challenge today lies in finding a cake enough that will hold all the candles equivalent to your age.

Today is the special day where we will be devoting all our time, love, and attention to our wonderful Dad. From tomorrow, it will be the usual absorption into our smartphone world. Hehe!!

A dad is someone who will never get mad even if his children will empty the bank account. May you be one such Dad for us. Happy Birthday!

Funny wishes From Son

May you always keep your umbrella of love, care, and mentorship upon me dad, along with your monthly pocket money. Happy Birthday!

I will always be thankful for the Almighty for giving me the looks of my mother and the wisdom of my Father. I wonder how things would have turned out for the vice versa.

Some of the finest curses in life I have learnt from my Dad. Needless to say, you are one hell of an awesome Dad. May there be more men like you in this world.

The secret of success of a boy is the boot on his behind by his father. Thank you Dad for propelling me to succeed in this way. Hehe!!

Hey Dad. Congratulations on the birthday. I and mommy have brought a nice gift for you today, from your own money of course. Lots of love

When the going gets tough, the son gets going, to the father for help.

Happiness is when your father doesn’t enquire about the girl to who he sees you chatting, texting, calling, and meeting. May there be more dads like you in this world. Many many happy returns of the day to you father!

I want the charm and charisma like my dad, have the physique of Dwayne Johnson for the obvious which cool dads like mine will understand. Lots of birthday wishes to your father.

I wish to grow up like you, without the anger part of course. Its an achievement to raise a son like me with lots of talents, skills and tantrums also. Happy Birthday dear Dad! You deserve all the love.

Father birthday Hilarious Heartwarming wishes from Daughter

Hot dads obviously procreate hotter daughters. I am one of your finest creations dear dad. So proud of you. Happy Birthday!

The birthday may be of our lovely Daddy but we know he will doing the shopping for the entire family.

When Mommy says no for anything, Dad is the secret Angel that says yes. Lots of love and happiness to you daddy! May God bless you.

May I get a handsome, prince charming like my Dad. Someone who could swept me off the floor. I know men like my Dad are rare.

Dear Dad! You wake up so early in the morning that put even the hens and chickens to shame. Many many happy returns of the day to you.

A handsome guy may date hundreds of women but will be very protective of his own daughter from getting dated by an equally handsome man. That’s how dads are. Smart, handsome and caring. Happy Birthday dear daddy!

Thanks to daddy for instilling the habit of waking her daughter up and early every morning, by switching off the fan and air-conditioner. Nice, effective way of imparting new habits.

Short, funny & sweet msgs for Dad on birthday

Handsome and rich dad are hard to find. May there be more likes of you in this world.

Its your birthday but we are the ones who are going to have an amazing time with your party.

My dad may be in his fifties but still a head turner

Every dad is awesome unless they start giving even constructive criticism.

You can a lot today. Just don’t gorge on food like a dog though. Happy Birthday.