There are times when I lost faith in the humanity. But owing to a friend like you, I have regained it. You have astounding contributions in my mental and physical well being. Happy Birthday!

If I have to talk about my friend in all the superlatives, a book would fall short. Many many happy returns of the day to you!

Its no surprise that the good things in life have only gained momentum after you came into it. May all your professional and personal endeavors yields insane success to you. A very happy birthday dear!

I may acquire all the money and wealth in the world but that would never equal the natural highs and adrenaline with an amazing friend like you. Happy birthday!

It is really amazing to have two hearts that resonates with so many things and respect the other on disagreements and tussles.

I still remember the day when we first met with each other. And you have evolved perfectly over the years with the right amount of kindness, altruism and tit for tat attitude. Glad to enjoy your friendship. Happy Birthday!

On this birthday, I pray to the Almighty to take you to the zenith of success. May all your dreams come true!

The difficulties of life may break us down, but what doesn’t kill us eventually makes us stronger. A very happy birthday to you dear!

There are acquaintances in my life, there are friends and then there is you. Every cell of heart feels enliven in your presence.

It takes a great amount of skill to be angry in perfect quantity and at the perfect time. That’s the quality which makes you extremely special.

You have infused a lot of good will and altruism in my heart, mind and soul. I wish the world witnesses more people like you.

Life wouldn’t have turned out a roller coaster ride if the divine did not had brought us together. I am thankful to all the joys that you have given me and awaits for more. Happy Birthday to an awesome friend!

We are not friends, we are more than that. You have propelled me to be the best version of myself. I wish there be more sincere, honest and altruistic people like you in this Universe.

Thanks for being on my side when everyone else was hesitant. I will forever be grateful for it. Hope you reach the zenith of success that you are shooting for.

Very funny messages to write on a birthday card for a friend

Its good to have rich friends like you in life with whom one does not have to worry about returning money when borrowed. Heheh!

The secret of having wider glutes is not in the exercise but in being couch potato. Simple, cost-effective and enjoyable activity isn’t it friend! Heheheh!!!

The unwritten clause of friendship is to share everything between them. So when you become a millionaire, I expect you to write some off it to me too. Hehehe

This year, you have set a new benchmark, of being lethargic and lazy. Many congratulations for it.

I love to accept criticism from all corners of life, except from you. That’s not what friends are supposed to do! They are to agree in everything.

The best accomplishment of your life are the farts and snore. I hope you get them patented so that you could become billionaire.

I hope you have you heard the phrase “where there is a will, there is a way”! I hope that my good name finds a way into your will too. 😀

It takes immense ability to tolerate to witness of your leg pulling and constant nagging and still resisting from whacking your head. I deserve a fine wine and dine today for it.

Today is the day when you can act like a teenager even if you are well past that phase of life.

How does it feel to only be a good friend but also an excellent punchbag for your good friend!!

I have arranged a wonderful party, an absolutely perfect gift for you, with the help of your money ofcourse. Heheheh

Inspiring card messages to write for Friend’s Birthday

The hardest phase of our friendship has gone long back. And now its proven that our bond is forged by divine for eternity. Happy Birthday!

Wisdom requires a heavy price in terms of ageing but its reward are extremely worth every thing.

A core component of acquiring success is having constructive yet supportive people in your surroundings. I am glad to have one such friend.

No matter how bad the situation is, there is a sense of hope when you are involved.

Some of the most inspiring people in life are found in friends instead of books, movies and TV shows. Happy Birthday to one such individual.

Always remember that no matter how much thorns are there in your path to success, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.