I am sure the numbers will be there in accordance to the hard work you have put in. Good Luck Son!

I don’t know about tomorrow’s exam but I am confident that you will gain massive success in the game of life!

Exams and real life are different my Son! May you take sufficient knowledge from education and carry yourself in this world with confidence and optimism!

I am praying to God so that your invigilator be nice and easy tomorrow, if you understand what I mean! Best of Luck my dear boy!

Exams are a part of life dear Son. May you not let them overwhelm your confidence.

Please don’t forget to go to loo atleast twice before the exams!

I am betting on you with your mom to get more than 70% marks. Please don’t make me lose bet.

Looking at the current state of educational system, it is the only place where cheating is allowed morally!

Dear Son! When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. All the best for your exam.

However the exam would be tomorrow, we are going on outing after that! Best of luck handsome!

Inspiring exam wishes for my Son

You are daddy’s brave boy son. Daddy wants you to give your all and face exam bravely.

My handsome son knows that where there is a will, there is always a way. You will find a way to accumulate marks.

Hard work and preparation is all that matters son. The rest is in hands of the Almighty.

Exams are part and parcel of life my son. They teach you how to handle the stresses of life.

Don’t let questions bog you down. Simply give yourself every chance to answer to the best of your ability.

Funny Exam wishes for Son

As far as cheating is concerned in the tomorrow exam, if you can visualize it, you can achieve it my dear!

Concentrate less on the opposite gender for tomorrow atleast! I know it is difficult for you but am sure you will be able to do it!

If you keep going to washroom, feel tingling sensation, know that nothing is wrong with you!

If you don’t know the answer, still write something! But don’t write love story of your father and mother!

If your friends ask you an answer, first ask them about the questions that you don’t know and then answer them!