Sometimes sarcasm is needed to make someone realize our worth. And when its the birthday of your ex-boyfriend, then sarcastic wishes are the best way to remind him what he has lost. If there is something valuable that you want to tell him for his betterment, then wishing your ex a sarcastic birthday wish is a great idea. We have created borderline sarcasm and funny wishes for your ex-boyfriend in this post. Send it to him at your own risk!!

Tons of birthday wishes from your exes who you stalk regularly on social media.

A very happy birthday to the man who cannot sleep without doing it every night.

Many congratulations for reaching the timeline of your life where a 5 min quickie costs you 45 minutes of rest.

Man often do not realize the value of something until he is no longer able to have it. Happy Birthday!

More often than not, relationships without hard work and persistence remains shallow.

When the going gets tough, the tough certainly gets going, to his daddy for help.

A great woman may feel challenging but she is the one who encourages her man to go out of the comfort zone & achieve great things in life.

Happiness is seeing your ex realizing his mistake of losing you. Happy Birthday!

Its amazing how I put up with you for so many years. God was really kind to me for bestowing so much energy to handle you. Happy Birthday my wonderful ex.

A wise man once said that persistence is to success what Carbon is to Steel. May this important characteristic be ingrained in your thick head on this birthday.

The vision to accomplish something so-called “big” in life often comes with a heavy price even if it means breaking off with people who only wished the best for you. Happy Sweet Birthday!

Freedom is the essential core of any human being which no other person should dare to conquer.

Happy Birthday to the charming man. I hope you are having the time of your life without my sweet tantrums and leg-pulling.