It is absolutely true that engineers are the backbone of the world and economy. Their inquisitive mind, and never say die attitude has given us a lifestyle that we take for granted. If you have a family member or a friend who is an engineer and is retiring, then you have the chance to make them feel happy for their services by wishing them cheerful retirement wishes for the engineers. These wishes and sayings of retirement are also available in a funny tone also along with the few images, which they will absolutely love them.

You people are the ones who are always optimistic about the solutions rather than the problem itself. While everyone cannot be an engineer, everyone should adopt the mindset of an engineer. Thank you for your valuable engineering contribution throughout the years. Have a happy retirement!

It’s so great to have engineers in the world without whom we would be living in the decade-old centuries. You guys work silently in tough conditions. It’s awesome how granted we take our lifestyle which wouldn’t have been possible without you guys. Thank you for the superb work. Your skills and work have certainly impacted millions, if not billions in the world. Happy Retirement to one hell of an awesome engineer.

While being an engineer and being a scientist may be two different things, you are no less than a scientist to me. Seeing you over the years, we have learned what it takes to be inquisitive and impact engineer that is honest also. You have done a great service to the world. It is now time for you to enjoy in abundance. Happy Retirement life to my wonderful engineer friend.

Funny retirement quotes and sayings for the engineers

You guys certainly have a skill to not show off the incompetency sometimes and that is by using hi-fi technical jargon. 🤣 Just kidding dear. We all know how hard you have worked over the years to provide your valuable services. Kudos to you and enjoy the well-deserved retirement.

Its a known fact that engineers love to solve problems; only the ones which they can solve. 😂 But engineers like you go out of their way to solve complex problems. I hope all the engineers in the world be like you. Congratulations for an amazing engineering tenue. Happy Retirement mate!

Now that you have solved complex engineering problems in the world, it is now time to take on more challenging jobs, which are tinkering and repairing the home appliances, which even your relatives will not hesitate to get fixed. Did I mention it for free of cost? 🤣 Happy Retirement dear engineer. You did very well for sure.

Cake Retirement Images for the Engineers

Funny Cake Retirement Engineer Wish
Funny 2nd cake of retirement of engineer