It is one thing to wish someone on time, and when you do that well before the occasion, i.e. in advance, you not only stand apart but also make the recipient feel highly of you. After all, it’s always good to show our love and support to someone who we deeply adore. And when it comes to engagement occasion, it is always good to send wishes in advance. But coming up with them right at the moment is difficult which is why we have prepared this post for you.

The divine is bestowing all his love upon the couple. The time is coming soon when you both will be fused in the union. Mighty wishes to you in advance. Don’t worry, I am not going to forget the actual date of engagement.😂

It has always been my wish that you folks end up together and now my wish has certainly come true. Here the toast to you for your soon-to-be engagement. All the very best for the preparations.

When humor is fused with intelligence, love, passion and hot looks, that marriage is made in heaven. I am happy that you both have taken the first step towards your partnership. Very happy to know about your engagement event. I am sure the whole event will be a blast.

Its only a few days to go for your engagement and I am happy to wish you in advance as the excitement is unbearable to contain dear folks. I hope all the preps are in full swing and the event is going to be a grand one, just like our cutie couple from heaven.

The most underrated pleasures in life is to see two people prepping for their soon to be husband and wife role. You guys have worked so hard to come here in life. After so many hurdles, its no hurdle in the destiny of you both people. So good to hear about the engagement bells of you too. Many congratulations in advance. I hope the wedding bells are near too.

Two people with great personalities and volatile moods 😂 are going to be together. Have seen you guys from the starting of your relationship. It is amazing to see how far you both have come in terms of maturity, and wisdom. Good to hear about your engagement going to happen soon. Accept the gracious congratulations from your well-wisher😊

Sometimes, it is good to send the wishes in advance so that even If I forgot, you will not be angry with me😊. Mighty wishes of engagement in advance to you. It is not long that you guys will be together.

The friend is the one who not only sends the wishes but also in advance too. Here is a toast to your wonderful engagement that is going to happen very soon. You guys will rock it.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Cheers to me for taking out the time for sending you the wishes of engagement, in advance. I know you think I am going to forget the actual date. Don’t worry.

My dear friend! You certainly have a big part in my life and therefore, wishing you the advance wishes for your engagement seems mandatory. I will of course be sending you the wishes on your actual date too. You both look really adorable. Kudos to both of you.

The bride and groom are shining bright, even before the engagement. Shows, how perfect the divine is in bringing these two majestic folks together. Congratulation guys for the upcoming engagement. I am sending you wishes in advance.

It is hard to contain the excitement of engagement and wedding when it is of your great friend. I am so happy that you are finally getting engaged dear! You guys look so good together and I am sure that we are going to rocking marriage time. Congratulations in advance on the engagement.

I forgot your birthday last time and so I am going to give you wish you on your engagement well before the time. Congratulations in very advance on your upcoming engagement. My best wishes to both the bride and the groom. May your journey be fused together for eternity.

It is so good to find a partner that is on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels with you. Both of you deserve each other. So happy that I can’t control my happy wishes for your engagement. So many congratulations to both of you in advance. May your wedding happen early.

A wise man has correctly said that true love is not about gazing at each other but looking together in the same direction. So happy that you guys have found each other at the right time. A very happy engagement wishes to you well before the actual date.😊

You and your engaged to be partner have all the ingredients for a fairytale wedding. I wish more and more people fall in love with each other like you both folks. Awesome wishes of engagement to you both. I know I am early but you guys deserve it in advance.

I know you have wine and dine me on a number of occasions and therefore, you certainly deserve a lot of wishes of engagement, that too before the actual date. And here I am, with all my love, blessings for both of you for the engagement. Can’t control the excitement to be a part of your engagement and feast on the food. 😜

May this engagement bonds you to a deeper level of spiritual love and intimacy. I know you both are itching for the wedding but trust me, the anticipation is better too.

You guys have shown that where there is a will, there is always a way! And I am excited, just like you guys when you both will be for each other, completely. Its good to see your engagement is soon going to happen. All my heartiest wishes for it.

Happiness is when your best friend announces the date of engagement to his awesome girl from heaven. Couldn’t be happier for you guys. My love and blessings for both of you pretty people. Heartiest congratulations in advance.