There is rarely an individual who will not be sad after losing their job. A job loss is always a culmination of many things like office politics, miscommunication and blame games. If your friend or known has lost a job recently, then you can certainly do your part to make them feel better. This post deals with that completely. Here we will talk about sympathy words for job loss, encouraging things to do after job loss, sympathy letter for job loss.

Words of Encouragement after Job Loss

I know things are hard for you right now. But trust me, everything will become OK. Give yourself sometime.

Your employer was probably harsh on you. You are much more deserving than this. Things will be alright by the grace of God.

Sometimes we do not get what we want because there are better plans being made for us.

While its sad whatever has happened, I am a bit relieved that you got rid of that negative environment where everyone was blaming other.

There are times when people may find blame you for nothing. Don’t take it as your luck but rather the insecurities of people which makes them do such things.

Sometimes, the luck closes one door in order to allow other doors of opportunities to be opened.

Failures can come at unexpected moments but you have the ability to bounce from it.

Five ways to encourage a friend who lost a job

Losing a job can be one of the traumatic experiences of life. When an individual has lots of responsibilities, getting terminated from a job can create a lot of stress. And this is where support from friends and families is needed. So lets discuss below on how you can offer them encouragement after they have lost a job

Offer words of encouragement

There is a saying that words can make or break a person. And in such a vulnerable state, your encouraging words can lift a person who has got laid off. But the thing to keep in mind is that the words need to be sincere like the below examples.

You are made for better opportunities

Insecure people cause office politics. Glad you were relieved from that place.

Make yourself available to them

It is natural for your friend to want your personal time to feel better. Therefore, try to give them some quality time which will allow them to recuperate from the job loss. Eventually they will able to put everything behind and move on.

Take them out on a lunch, dinner for mood change

The best way to change a mood for the better is to go for simple outing likes lunch and dinner. Or you can plan for some outdoor activities also. The aim is to get out of the house and engage in something so that the mind is busy in enjoyment or else it will dwell upon the recent turmoil of job loss.

Don’t discuss about their inabilities

The last thing that your friend want you to do after their job loss is you deducing who made error and what. This is what most people do and it only makes thing worse for your friend. Discuss such things only if your friend is keen on it. Even if your friend keeps discussing it, keep the conversation short about it and try to move on to other topics slowly.

Don’t blame them for the fiasco

If you feel that your friend got laid off due to his or her error, then its probably not the best time to say it in front of them so soon. Doing so will only make them feel bad.

Sympathy Letter for Job

I came to know what has happened to you and I am sure you didn’t deserved this thing. There are all sorts of people out there and I am certain that you will find some amazing people in your next endeavour where there will be a better atmosphere.

Job loss Condolence email Message examples

I just came to know about what happened. And it has shocked me to be honest as you were good at what you did. Given your skills and abilities, I am sure you will definitely find somethiing worthwhile but as of now I just want to say that everything will be alright even though it may look daunting.

What not to say when someone loses his or her job

Caution has to be taken to not say words to your friend after their job loss that can make them feel pathetic about their situation. We are mentioning those statements that you should refrain from saying it.

You should have mixed well with your manager/ colleagues/ Boss

Your skills weren’t upto par. This was bound to happen.

I hope you will learn something from whatever happened.