There are occasions in our life where words fell short to express emotions. Today is one such day where our organization cannot express enough gratitude, appreciation, and pride to have folks like you with us. Sixteen years is a huge commitment in any endeavor and you certainly have earned a lot of respect with your hard work and accomplishments. Needless to say, we wish that more and more folks would be like you. A very happy sixteenth anniversary to you.

The world would be so thriving and happy if there would be more people like you. You have given your everything to this workplace and we really admire your dedication for us over these 16 years. You have been more than what we could have asked anyone. It has been our honor to have you for such a long time and the best part is that we want you here for another sixteen years more at least. Congrats for the sixteenth work anniversary.

While it is the employees who are proud of their organization; for folks like you, we feel more than honored to have someone like you. You have been the epitome of hard work, ethics and amazing attitude for sixteen years and we couldn’t have asked anything more from you. May life gives you everything you desire and may you be happy, healthy and charismatic as always. Happy work anniversary.

It seems only yesterday that you came for an interview. The days were nostalgic when both you and this company were in deep learning stages. The journey of sixteen years has been surreal for both you and us and it’s amazing that it is far from over. On this 16th anniversary, we wish you a happy anniversary. A huge credit to your family who has supported you over the years in helping you dedicate the time & energy to our company.

Work ethic, loyalty, and cultural prosperity are something that cannot be instilled by any artificial means. It can only come from inside and we have been glad over the years to have people like you who have taken serious responsibility in order to make them grow. These sixteen years have some of the best we could have ever asked from anyone. And we are not done with you yet. A very happy anniversary to you for completing 16 years with us.

There are some relations which gets forged during the professional endeavors. We are so proud to have it with you for sixteen years. The journey has been incredible and we are looking at the coming years to have even a greater growth, success and more meaningful relationship. Many many congratulations for completing 16 years with us.