Seventeen years is a protracted-time for an employee. Over the years, we have witnessed immense contributions from your end. You have been thoroughly cooperative and kind with the right balance of intelligence, wisdom, and teamwork. And we are so proud that you have been with us for now 17 years. Gives us immense pride to say that you are one of our starts, and always will be. A very happy seventeenth work anniversary to you dear!

Time and again, you have shown that its not the size of the dog in the fight but the size of the fight in the dog. In these seventeen years, we have been through the ebbs and flows together. But our work and attitude always had result in growth and respect for each other. May the journey continues forever. We don’t say this too often but there is a dire need of people like you across the world. Happy 17th anniversary.

Sometimes, we meet awesome people not from our friend circle alone but also from our professional endeavors. You are one such folk and we are immensely grateful that this organization has received your services for now seventeen years. But the journey is far from over. We are more excited, determined to carry on the work with you. And we hope the same from you. Our chest swells with pride to wish you the work anniversary for completing 17 years. Lots of good wishes for you and your family.

Success rarely comes alone without support of others. You have been instrumental in our accomplishments over the seventeen years. Your attitude, willingness to grow and ability to gel along with different personalities stands out which can only come from altruism. But it would be wrong to not credit your family who has supported you which is why you were able to work so dedicatedly for us. We have strong expectations that you will work for us for another seventeen years. Happy Work anniversary to you!