Rudeness is universally disliked. There are no two ways about it. It hampers the impression and also dents the potential relationships. In most scenarios, avoiding such people is the best idea. But sometimes, it takes a lot more to decipher rude people from a mile. There are both verbal and non-verbal clues that provides an idea into the mindset of that particular individual at that particular moment.

5 Major Reasons for Being Rude

There is no one specific reason to being Rude. People can be on their bad behaviour for any reason. However, the reason will most likely fall in anyone of the categories listed below.

  1. Sense of entitlement : – People can have a sense of entitlement for any reason. Be it their financial status, their close network to influential people or above-average looks and etc. Some people have an aura around themselves which scream rudeness and it could be likely because of such reasons.
  2. Lack of Empathy: – Some people often possess heartless characterstic trait of not able to perceive someone’s pain, agony or suffering.
  3. Child Abuse: – People abused at a young age are often less-abled than others to trust and form cordial relations with new people. Sympathy needs to be provided in such cases but it is never appreciated to be rude to anyone despite a difficult past.
  4. Insecurity: – Fear often propelles people to be on the offensive mode. The reasons could be infinite but if you find someone to be rude on many aspects, they are likely suffering from insecurity on a very deep level.
  5. Control Issues: – For some people, remaining in the power of influence and control is of utmost importance. They hate to see power dynamics shift from them to anyone else. It is in their DNA to be in charge of the situation and when things don’t go as per them, they often resort to rude behaviour.

10+ TellTale Signs of Rude People At Work

Rude people come in all shapes and sizes. But gauging with them at the workplace can take a toll on your self-esteem and mental health. This is why it is important to spot them out with their verbal as well non-verbal behaviours and maintain a healthy distance. Some of the common traits in rude people at work are the following : –

  1. Avoiding you for no reason.
  2. Become nice and kind-hearted whenever favour is needed. Sort of use and throw policy.
  3. Badmouting other people on their back.
  4. Talking in an aggressive tone when its not needed.
  5. Taking away all the credits and passing the blame to others or subordinates.
  6. Being biased on the basis of gender, caste, religion, or country.
  7. Scolding you for petty reasons.
  8. Asking about all the possible information but not reciprocating in the same way.
  9. Not specifying the real cause of concern which is creating bottle-neck in the work process.
  10. Unwilling to say thank you or please if you do the favour.
  11. Forcing themselves not to laugh at your wit and humor despite other people finding it such.
  12. Double-faced behaviour.
  13. Walking away in the middle of the conversation.
  14. Interrupting people who praises your work.
  15. Giving Short and inadequate replies to your queries.
  16. Giving facial expressions that seem disinterested.
  17. Making things harder for you for no reason.
  18. Not having the courtesy of listening your side of the perspective.

Spotting Rude Behaviour Individuals in Public Area

It isn’t difficult to observe people with civic sense. Those people display actions that often resonate with consideration, empathy and etiquettes for other people. Likewise, it doesn’t take a rocket-science to spot rude behaviour in public place. And care needs to be taken to avoid such circumstances which can disrupt your mental peace. Some of the common examples of rude behavior are listed below.

  1. Talking or gossipping way too loud that causes nuisance to other people.
  2. Playing Audio Video on loudspeakers at a high volume without giving consideration to nearby people.
  3. Talking on phone at a high volume.
  4. Revealing about their relationship status with spicy details so that other people could listen.
  5. Speaking in derogatory manner to old age people.
  6. Arguing unnecessary with other people.
  7. Displaying behaviour that screams “I am upper class”

Identifying Rude people in your Relatives

  • Self -Absorbed narcisstic talks all the time.
  • Exaggerating their accomplishments or about their network of influential people.
  • Forcing you to be their Mentee or giving Pep Talk for every reason.
  • Giving their suggestions and knowledge in every sphere even when it is not asked for.
  • Giving unwanted information about their money-spending activities or vacations details.
  • Being overly-dressed for the occasion for the sole attention of conveying “I am rich.”
  • Presenting themselves as the Jack of all Trades, or even Master of all trades.

Disturbing Signs of a Rude Woman

  • Talking trash or way too loud in public area. This is not gender specific and applies to men too.
  • Gossipping and laughing unnecessarily.
  • Taking undue advantage of being a woman and threatening to file false allegations.

How to respond When Someone is Rude to you?

Facing a rude response is never a pleasant scenario. However, not standing up at that exact moment gives more courage to the bully to repeat the same offensive behaviour again. This is why appropriate reply needs to be given to someone who presents a rude behaviour to you. Below are various scenarios for which we have prepared perfect responses to deal with the unpleasant scenario.

Case: – When someone interrupts you abruptly or always pauses you.

Your Response : – I would really appreciate if you would let me speak completely so that it would be easier for you to understand my perspective.

Case : – When someone makes a rude or offensive comment.

Your Reply: – Pardon me. But did I hear something wrong? I do not like the way you just talked to me and I would request you to not to repeat such behaviour again.

Case : – When you see someone laughing at you from a distance

Appropriate Response: – May be you could tell me the joke that is making you Giggle. I hope it will make me laugh too.

Common Rude Behaviour Examples To Lookout for

  1. Someone who is always prepared with excuses.
  2. People talking loud on mobile and among themselves in theaters.
  3. Becoming hyper or talking in an aggressive tone as a defence mechanism against superior logic presented by the other individual.
  4. A person who is more concerned to reply you rather than to listen you.
  5. Discarding the logic or giving another analogy when the argurer falls on the bad side of the scenario as per the stated logic.


Being rude serves no one. And the best treatment for such kind of behaviour is to escape the situation. However, certain circumstances would require you to stand up for yourself. Hopefully, this post has given you an idea on how to do that. We will update this post with more relevant information in future.