Dear Doctor! Congrats on the amazing tenure. While every work is a service, yours have truly been the one where you got the utmost satisfaction. I am sure life has plenty of happiness, prosperity, and well-being ahead of you. May you enjoy your next innings of life. Happy Retirement Doctor!

While we take doctors for granted, it is almost in dire situations that we realize the importance of our doctors. You guys have been at the forefront of our health and I couldn’t have imagined the best health for me, and my friend if you weren’t have been there. You are not only a great doctor but a fantastic human being as well. May all the doctors be like you in the world. Very happy retirement to you dear!

It is amazing how a great family doctor is always like your great friend. I have known you for many many years and being with you has itself given me so many happy moments. With you now retiring, I am sure we will now catch up with more amazing moments. Happy Retirement to you doctor, only from the work though, and not from the happiness, friendship, and joy of life.

Retirement Image for Family Doc

I am sure not only me, but there will be countless people who would be thanking you today for your valuable service to the humanity. You deserve every bit of it dear. Happy Retirement. May you always be happy, smiling and cheerful like your usual self.

If there needs to be a role model for a perfect doctor, it has to be you. You have always been kind, happy, and unbelievably helpful even during the odd hours. I am sure that many people didn’t just get treated by you. They also got instilled with qualities of honesty, hard work, and is determined to help a fellow human being with the best. Here is the happy retirement to you dear. You did very well.

You may be looking excitedly for the next innings of your life but your organization, colleagues will surely miss you, knowing that how honestly you worked there which would have inspired so many younger doctors. Congratulations on such a satisfactory career. But the journey is far from over. Happy Retirement to you dear!

Funny wishes of Retirement for your Family Doctor

Hey Doctor! I know that you have retired. But for our family, you are our doctor for eternity. We wish you a happy retirement and we will still call you at odd hours, not just because we could be unwell, but also because we would love to have a gala time with you. Happy Retirement Life!

A good doctor is not the one who is willing to give you medicine for every uncomforted but someone who can read your mind and identify the problem, like you identified many times in my case, mostly for fighting with my wife.😂 Thank you doctor for so many of countless valuable suggestions over the years. A very happy retirement. But you are not going to get rid of me and family anytime soon.

Today, many viruses, germs and bacteria would be taking a sigh of relief knowing that you are taking the retirement doctor. Here is a toast to all the killing of those viruses by you.😜 A very happy retirement.