There is more than the words “All the best” when you wish it to a friend or colleague of yours. Sometimes, variety is needed, and a different way of saying Good Luck appears refreshing to the recipient. Here we have unique ways of Good luck phrases in different ways that will be perfect in different scenarios.

You are capable of achieving this milestone. Just don’t try too hard.

May God bless you with happy results.

Trust on everything to fall into place.

May you achieve the unthinkable!

This could be the best thing that will ever happen to you.

There are no shortage of opportunities for talents like you.

God works in strange ways. Have faith in him.

Keep moving and victory will be yours.

Your preparation have all the recipes of success. All the best.

It will happen if its meant to happen. Relax!

Wishing you loads of luck. May you surpass the expectations.

You are more talented than you believe to be. Trust the instincts.

You have one supporter in me rooting for you. Give your all.

You will either succeed or will learn something today.

You are going to blow them away with your skills and communication. Have faith!

Things will turn out fine. Just keep your head cool.

Good things happen to those who work hard. You have done your bit. Be positive for the test.

You have left no stone unturned. It is time for the results to show up and they will.

You have done the controllables. Let God do the rest. All the best

I hope you achieve the best result.

Hard work always gets rewarded, either today or tomorrow.

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. You will get through it.

You are made for this job. Make the most of this opportunity.

All the best to the tough man. May the divine bless you with positive results.

Lets keep fingers crossed. You did everything you could.

Don’t forget me when you become rich and famous.