If you can laugh hard at your mistakes, then you are one of the luckiest people on Earth.

Many a times, our biggest failure opens up opportunities for our biggest success. Good Morning.

It is time to chase your dream girl in your real life now. Good Morning

Your shit is crying loud to get out of your system. May you let the dear one pass out. Good Morning.

Energizing is wishing the best people in life a very Good Morning.

The best way to start your day is to think of your worst critic and let out a big fart.

May the sun God revitalize you for the hard work of the day. Morning

May confidence never get carried away into over confidence.

Sometimes we forget how awesome we are. May you always be happy and smiling. Good morning dear

We may fight at times but our friendship will always survive the hardships.

Sometimes, we learn more from losing than from winning. Good Morning.

Sometimes you don’t need motivation but a kick in your behind to get going. Good morning.

Yesterday is gone, tomorrow has not come. What lies in your hand is today. Good Morning.

Always remember that 1 big success is all you need to counter 1000s of failures. Good Morning.

Go till the path shows you. You will get to know where to go further once you reach there. Morning

Wakey Wakey Sunshine. May your day be blessed today with all the energy in the world.

Some things in life will always be sacred, like our bond. Happy Morning

Time to drag your a** from the bed and get to work.

May you be better today than tomorrow at things that are close to your heart.

Your smile is infectious and your presence brightens the room. May you have a good day today.

Some things in life may be harder but their reward is sweeter too.

Time to rise up and shine. The world is waiting for your arrival from dreams.

Happiness always get doubled when shared. Sorrows diminishes when shared. Good Morning.

May a difficult skill of today becomes the habit of yours tomorrow.

May some of your problems, if not all be resolved on this day. A very good morning.

You are much more powerful than you thought yourself to be.

The heart feels lighter, feels warmer and energetic when there are friends like you. Good Morning.

The day starts well when I say Good Morning to a kind person like you.

Time to grab your favourite coffee and read my beautiful good morning message for you.

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. A very good morning dear!

May the SunGod bestows you with its warmth and glow.

Happiness lies in wishing you Good Morning.