Happy Birthday to an awesome Daughter. You have been our darling for nine years. Seeing you grow with beauty, love, and a kinder heart makes us immensely proud of you. You will always be our darling dear. Happy ninth birthday to you dear.

It only seems yesterday that you came into this world with screaming high pitch cries while we were rejoicing. You may have turned nine years old but I still remember your first smile, your first yawn, and the first word that came out of your mouth. Happy Birthday to our darling daughter.

God couldn’t have been kinder to us by sending you into our lives. A cute angelic daughter arrived in our family nine years ago, and since then, life couldn’t have been more joyous. You are the star that our lives revolve around. I am so proud to see you growing strong and healthy every passing year. A very happy ninth birthday to you my lovely daughter. Love you to the moon and back.

Many times, the Almighty doesn’t bless us with what we deserve but with more than that. You illuminate our lives with happiness and love. No matter how much we disagree, we will always stand by your side dear. Lots of kisses and hugs on your 9th birthday.

Inspiring wishes for Daughter on ninth birthday

Dear daughter! The world is full of oysters and opportunities but it is up to you to find them and make the most of them. Congrats for turning ninth. The coming years may prove to be difficult but your parents are always there to guide you, lead you and support you. Happy Birthday sweet heart!

Its amazing to have disagreements because it sheds light into new perspectives and knowledge. We may argue sometimes and vent out things in anger to each other but we are always there for you my dear girl. God has given you more talent and abilities that you will ever use in this lifetime. Your gift to God is to make the most of them in this lifetime. Happy ninth birthday dear!