Hey darling daughter! Many congrats for turning eight my cutie munch pie. You have been our shiny little star ever for 8 years and I wish every family gets a cute little daughter like you. A very happy 8th birthday sweetheart! Lots of love and kisses.

I truly feel that we may not be the best parents but you are certainly the best daughter that we could have asked for ourselves. These eight years have been nothing short of surreal. The lord has blessed you with all the talents and skills in the universe. Your job is to make the most of them.

The sun feels brighter and happy. The wind is soothing and the birds are chirping with greater enthusiasm because it is the birthday of my angelic daughter. Happy eighth birthday to you toddler. Will always be cute one no matter how much you grow up.

I am probably the luckiest dad who is loved immensely by a daughter. Thank you sweetheart for all the amazing love you have bestowed upon me for the last eight years. I am so excited for the future to unfold before us. Many many happy returns of the day to you!

I probably have done some amazing deeds in my previous life that the divine blessed me with me such a cute little one. My dear daughter! Your smile makes me enliven. Your sweet hug makes me forgot all my worries. These eight years have been the best of my life and I can’t for future years to have a heartwarming time with you. Happy eighth birthday my sweetheart!

Hey sweetheart! Congrats on turning 8th. Life without obstacles has no meaning. While the challenges of life may shake you but know that the umbrella of love, care and mentorship of your mommy and daddy will always be upon you. You are smart, gorgeous, pretty with all the talents in the world. A very happy birthday to you.