Dear Daughter! Perfection does not exist which is why there is always something better.

While you are preparing for your exam, also prepare on how to cheat with your behind partner in case the need arises.

Whether you will ace the exam or just pass it, you will still be our princess. Lots of love and good luck for your exams.

In case you don’t remember what to write, simply write the love story of your mommy and daddy.

If you give the exam tomorrow without brushing and without taking a bath, you won’t be the only student to do so.

You are daddy’s brave girl and am sure you will give it your all my dear. Best of luck!

Your preparations are good. The exam will be challenging but you will get through it.

Dear daughter! Your daddy has full confidence in you. Just go out confidently for your exam. Good Luck!

Luck and destiny are in the hands of the Almighty. Hard work is in yours. May you make the most of it.

Even if its an exam, it is just an exam. Stay relax.

If you encounter any question that you don’t like, simply move on.

You have worked hard and prepared to the best of your ability. It is now time to take rest.

10+ exam success wishes and prayers for daughter

Its nice to be nervous. This way you will learn how to handle the big stresses of life.

Its not about winning. It is about giving your all at times when you don’t feel confident.

Remember, if you are not able to do well in this exam, there is always the next exam. Stop worrying and sleep peacefully.

Luck favors the brave.

5+ exam pass wishes for daughter

Anyone can do well when one has done all the preparation. Its a challenge to do well when you are unprepared. May you revel in it.

Even if the exam doesn’t go well, we are still going on for a ride after the paper.

Believe in yourself and you will get the energy to do the work.