Lucky are the families who are blessed with a daughter. There is something about them that illuminates the house with their vibrant and nurturing nature. Daughters are not only the favorites of dad but of their mommies too just like the sons. Turning 18 can be a special time for any boy and girl and this is why when you as parents need to give some special heartwarming wishes to them on their eighteenth birthday. This post is everything about that. Lots of messages, quotes, and images from the perspective of Dad and Mom for daughter’s 18th birthday.

Congrats on turning eighteenth. There may be times when disagreements will overcome our love and affection but always remember that such phases are temporary. Daddy & mommy will always think of the best for their daughter. Happy Birthday.

Persistence may not have a heroic connotation in the world but its character to success is what carbon is to steel. May you never ever lose hope in your dreams and visions even if surrounded by adversity.

Gone are the days when I had to tell my daughter to prepare for everything. The divine has blessed her wonderfully well. May she achieves the pinnacle of success in her life. Happy Birthday to her.

You may have turned 18th this year but for us, you will always be the cute, little angelic toddler even if you will turn 25, 30, or 50 years. Lots of love to you my dear daughter. Love you to the moon and back.

May all your dreams and desires come to fruition, my dear daughter. May your beauty and charm keep rising every year.

We may disagree sometimes but our umbrella of love, care, and respect will always be there to help you. Happy Birthday, dear.

For you achieving your desires may mean the world to you but for your daddy and mommy, you will be the world always. Lots of blessings on your birthday.

It only feels yesterday that you came into our lives. You are the cutest angel that the Almighty could ever create. May you live for eternity, my darling.

Happiness is seeing my lovely child acquiring happiness, health, and wisdom with every passing year. May the trend continue forever. Love you sweetheart.

From Mom

Happy Birthday to my awesome daughter. You may have turned 18th, but you are wiser beyond your years. The divine has blessed you with awesome abilities. May you use them to bring all your dreams and visions into reality.

Being eighteen does not make you an adult in mommy’s eyes. In fact, you will always be the cute little angel that mommy took in her arms for the first time. Make this day special and mommy hopes that the sky be the limit for you. Happy Birthday sweet heart!

My cutie pie daughter is glowing more and more with every passing day. I wish you could have come in our life earlier. May all your dreams and visions come to fruition.

The Almighty certainly took a lot of time in crafting you. After all, you are your mommy’s child. Your beauty reminds mommy of her younger days. So proud to see you growing with so much confidence. Happy Birthday darling!

It is a true saying that daughters are the best friends that any woman can have. I am so thankful to the divine for giving me such a wonderful daughter who is more like my friend. May the journey continues for eternity.

Happiness is spending the best moments of my life with my wonderful daughter. May the divine bless us with infinite heavenly moments. God bless you, my sweetheart.

I longed for many great things in life but the Almighty gave me the equivalent happiness of all of them in the form of a daughter. The world would be so much peaceful, good and thriving if there would be more daughters like mine. Happy 18th birthday.

From Dad

There is something about having a daughter that is heartwarming, and inspiring. I feel that because of my lovely daughter who the Almighty blessed me eighteen years ago. I wish there be more like her in this world.

Your presence is peaceful, vibrant and blissful. The divine has blessed you with all the capabilities to make it big. May you make the most of them darling. A very happy birthday to daddy’s princess.

It is the age when the opposite gender will be obsessed with you as my darling daughter is gorgeous, had a compassionate heart, and is utterly smart. May the best boy be your prince.

No matter how hard my day it would be, a smile and hug from my daughter would be more than enough to wipe the stress off my face. May the gorgeous girl fly high to infinite success. God bless her. Happy 18th birthday.

It seems only yesterday that you arrived in our family. You are the star that will always shine and your daddy has immense expectations from you. May you always be willing to ask for help wherever you need it. Happy Birthday, sweetheart.

Funny Wishes for Daughter’s 18th Birthday

Hey daughter! You may have turned 18th but know that your mommy will always be keeping an eye on you.

Daddy may not have accomplished much in life but he did wonders by procreating a daughter like you. You are still my best work done. Happy Birthday!

Seeing you becoming pretty day and day, I can understand the hard time you are giving to the guys. So proud of you my beautiful daughter. Love you to the moon and back.

I feel so amazing that our dear daughter has the looks of her mommy and the intelligence of her father. Wonder how things would have turned out if she was blessed with vice-versa.

Congrats to the lovely daughter on turning eighteenth. It takes something to produce a wonderful, intelligent, and smart daughter in the world. Kudos to the daddy.

There is a saying that is universally true, which is that when the going gets tough for the daughter, the daughter gets going, to the daddy for help. Lol! No matter what, we are always there for you. Happy Birthday!

Inspiring Quotes from Mom and Dad

Legends have rightly said that it if it ain’t light at the end of the tunnel, then it is not the end of the journey. Our blessings are always there for you my dear girl. May your faith never ever waivers off. Happy 18th birthday to you.

The world may not be always right. But your gut intuition will be. May you always hear its voice before making its decision. A very Happy Birthday to you sweet daughter!

Sometimes, the things we crave don’t come to us because the divine is ready to open bigger opportunities for us in the near future.

Nothing worthwhile in life comes easy. There is a price for everything but even the hardest things in life are impossible.

Life at times will throw you curveballs, which you won’t be able to dodge. Enduring them with all your might is sometimes the only thing that one can do. May you never succumb to failures and adversities.