Dear Daughter! Not only you came from the divine, but also bought a ray of sunshine and exuberance along. Your mere smile is enough to make us happy and we wish that you surpass your wildest expectations in every endeavors of your life. A very happy birthday dear! God Bless you!

When the divine decides to create a beautiful girl, he certainly takes our daughter into reference, whether its her physical or emotional traits. You are one fine unique masterpiece of the Almighty my dear girl. And I am so happy for you. Happy Birthday!

Dear Daughter! It may seem that you are facing insurmountable goals. But always keep the faith and persistence as every worthwhile thing in life comes from that only. Keep the pursuit on and never settle for anything less you desire. Happy Birthday!

You are ageless just like your mother! And you are charming, handsome and gorgeous just like your dear father! Today is the day when you should thank us from the bottom of your heart for giving you such wonderful attributes isn’t it! Heheh!! Happy Birthday sweet heart!

The day you came into this world, I felt close to the divine. May the God bestows you with longevity and great health. Happy Birthday!

We sometimes may not agree on things. We may fight and argue. But my heart always yearn for that gorgeous smile of yours. No matter how much we disagree, we will always love you with all our heart and soul. Love you beautiful daughter! Happy Birthday!

As parents, we may not have been able to fulfill all our daughter’s wishes but we certainly know that she will fulfill all of ours.

You are even more gorgeous and charming than me and your mother. We are your proud parents and I pray to the divine to keep us tied together for the eternity. I wish you all the best for your future. Happy Birthday daughter! Love you!

To our dear daughter, we may not be the world to you but you are certainly the world for us. You have given us infinite joy and no matter how much you grow up, you will always be pampered like a little one. Happy Birthday sweet heart!

It is amazing to see how much wisdom our daughter has acquired in her lifetime till now. I am sure you will pile up mountains of success. Our blessings are always with you dear! Happy Birthday! Stay happy and blessed!

From Mother

I still remember your first cry; a high pitched one that gave me tears of joy. You have come up so far from then but in my heart, I will always keep loving you like that little child.

A wise man has said that what doesn’t kill you, will eventually make you stronger. I hope you do not back out from your audacious dreams and visions and continue to chase it with full vigor. Happy Birthday my child. Love you to the moon and back!

Every mother wants a beautiful, happy and healthy daughter from the Almighty and you my child is certainly the epitome of it. Just your mere sight and presence enlivens every cell of me being. May you rise to the zenith of success every year. Happy Birthday!

Dear daughter! You may not believe that some of the most meaningful things in life will be intangible in nature like love, compassion and friendship. May life give you everything that you ask for. A very happy birthday to you!

I certainly must have done some amazing deeds in my previous life in order to have you as a daughter. I hope the Almighty always keeps us tied in this relation.

From Dad

I always wanted a beautiful daughter! But the Almighty did not give me what I asked for; he gifted me a ton more. Your angelic face, charming personality and aura can enliven the atmosphere of any group. May you always be like this.

I may be your daddy but I have learnt a lot about life than you I probably taught you. Despite growing up, your childish habits and naive persona continues to amaze me, for the good and I wish every father gets a daughter like you. Happy Birthday dear daughter! Love you to the moon and back!

Dear Daughter! You and your equally gorgeous mother have taught me the secret of youth. It is by lying through the teeth of course. Simple, effective and free method. Hahah!! Kidding darling! You both are stunners! And I am happy to have you people in my life. Happy Birthday!

There will be times when your peers will be against you when they start to see your success. May you not may be distracted by them and continue to chase your vision because life is short my sweet heart! Many many happy returns of the day to you!

The world would be such an amazing place if there were more women like my daughter. She is the epitome of the perfect modern woman who adores traditional values. You are amazing sweet heart. I am so happy to be your daddy! Happy Birthday!

No matter whether it is your birthday or mine, the money is always taken from your daddy’s wallet only. Hahah!! Love you daughter! Happy Birthday!