When you have a great coworker with you, the atmosphere in the office is lively. No task feels like a chore and you enjoy some backing from them when you go through tough times in your professional career. If today is the birthday of your colleague, then stand apart from the rest by giving them funny birthday wishes. These wishes are light-hearted, happy and will make them laugh for sure.

I know my dear co-worker is fretting about getting older but don’t my dear. You will always be young from your future birthday wishes. Hehe! Happy Birthday!

Some of the best achievements of this year includes achieving something, which no one in our team has been able to do. Yes, I am talking about getting into the good books of our idiot boss. Congratulations for the achievement and Happy Birthday to you.

I have always wanted to ask you how you manage to look, unlike your age. Now hold on to your 32 teeth smile. I am asking how you manage to look older than your age. Heheheh! Sorry for the funny wish. Happy birthday to you dear colleague.

My dear colleague. You have now reached an age where you will get increment from now on, in ageing only 😂 and not in wisdom. I am speaking from my experience.

The real joy of birthday is always in the anticipation of it and not in the day itself. Agree my wonderful and funny charming colleague!!

Thank you dear colleague for pulling my legs all the time throughout the year. Now on your birthday, I am going to compensate all of that by making you organize a wild party, food and booze.

Some of the funny and valuable things that I have learnt from my colleague is how to earn a hefty package and still be frugal in life. Such valuable things are hard to learn my mate!

Its the day of Birthday of my wonderful colleague which I was waiting for a long time. Actually I have also been waiting for the free meals that you are going to bestow upon me tonight.

The secret to immense productivity in office lies in sitting next to a beautiful, charming and gorgeous and funny women colleague like me. A very happy birthday to you!

No bad boss can make an environment toxic when there is a hardworking, sincere, and funny charming guy in the office like the one who is sending you this funny wish. Agree? Happy Birthday to my equally awesome colleague.

Some of the memorable scolding from our Boss came upon me when my wonderful colleague made some drastic mistakes. Thank you for such wonderful contribution my dear colleague. Know that repayment of such kind gesture will be done in an equal (or probably) more quantity. Heheh! Cheers for the birthday.

Its always nice to have a healthy competition between colleagues in an organization as long I am the winning than you. Hehehe!! Kidding dear!

My dear colleague! Such is your dedication in doing work that even if Robots need to learn how to be better robot, then they can learn it by observing your work in the office. Haha!! Happy Birthday to you!

It has been my observation that the owls of the world don’t like you because you apparently put them into shame by being awake at night and working hard at the same time.

The most underrated pleasure in the world is to take naps in the offices, at the not so right hours. But thanks to my colleague for always waking me up at the right time.

Some of the stupidest laughter of mine have come in the office hours, when obviously my colleague cracks a funny joke.

The best funny thing I have learnt from my colleague is how to take nap in the office hours and how to complete the work from home.

Dear Co-worker. Today is the day in all the years where you set high goals to achieve and then spend the rest of the year procrastinating it.

Its a day when our dear colleague will be wining and dining us. Hopefully after gulping down drinks, you will not forget that it is your birthday actually