The first time of everything is special, sometimes not for you but for the others like your first birthday, your first tooth eruption, first day at school, your first prize, first girlfriend / Boyfriend, first Job, and then your first baby.

If you know someone who is a first-time parent, then you can send them your heartiest wishes for the first newborn baby. This post is all about that. Here you will find plenty of wishes for the family, newborn, and for the first-time mother. We are surely reading these messages will bring a smile to the recipient.

It’s the joyous news we were waiting for. We are so elated for you and your wifey. Many many congratulations on the first baby. Our blessings to the mother and newborn. Take care!

It is only the prayers of the divine which has bestowed you a cute little angel. We are of course excited about the new innings of your life with a cute new family member. Our heartiest congratulations to everyone.

Of all the material and emotional well-being, there is no such joy as welcoming your first life force into your family. Our deepest congratulations to you. We hope the mother and newborn are doing good!

For 1st baby Boy

Welcome the Little champ! May the cutie pie grows into a handsome, young man just like his father. May this first-time parents’ occasion remain special for you guys for eternity. Many Congratulations!

The lion has finally arrived in the family. What a good way to kick start your new innings of your life. Our soulful wishes for the new born guy and for the mother too. Kudos to her for bringing a champ into this world.

For First Baby Girl

Nothing could be more special than to welcome a baby girl as your first child. The girl is an angelic gift to your family from the divine. Love her, cherish her because these moments will always be special. A heartiest congratulations for the baby girl. May the mother is also doing fine. Take Care!