It can be irritating when someone intentionally laughs at us for no reason. This is usually done in order to make a mockery of the other person. And coming up with equally offensive replies can be challenging. But you can counter such akward situations with a well-timed humorous and sarcastic replies when someone laughs at you. This post is a sincere attempt to provide you with such responses.

Are you practicising for an oscar award for the most idiotic laughter in the world?

Aww. You must be a professional critic with that world-class insulting laughter?

I am sure you were practising for it for so many months.

Do you often laugh like this when shit is about to go down?

Well you must know that your laughter comes with special effects too!

Are you seeing ghosts at whom you are laughing? Or is it your way to hide the panic attack?

I think you always laugh like this when your behind is about to get kicked isn’t it?

Who needs a laughter track when you have me around?

I love to make even my enemies laugh out, like an idiot ofcourse.

Some people strive for greatness; and then there are folks like you striving for silliness.

What happened? Did you took your medicines today in the breakfast?

Kudos to your friends who refrain themselves from kicking your behind whenever you laugh like this.

Sarcastic Funny Replies when Someone laughs at you

Well, aren’t you the picture of sophistication and wit?

You are more f****d up than I thought to be!

You got your laughter from your Dad when he conceived your mother while laughing his heart out isn’t it?

Were you a patient of mental asyllum before?

It is good to see some laughter coming in your day because of me.

You have got a high laughter drive. Congratulations!

The likes of you should be there in the maternity ward to help babies laugh.

I like to think of my habits as avant-garde, pushing the boundaries of normalcy.

I recommend you to smil more often as it makes you look more human.

Kudos to my talent that can make anyone laugh without doing anything.

I’ve always wanted to be the subject of a mystery comedy show.

You definitely deserve a pat on your back for that forceful laughter.

I’m glad my existence amuses you so much!

I see you’re a fan of my habit collection. I’ll be signing autographs later.

Are you the president of secret society of laughter?

I pity on your wife, friends and family that bears that sick laughter of your’s.

Am I the punchline to a joke I didn’t even hear, isn’t it?

“Laughter without context? My favorite kind.”

You really have good genetics for instant laughter. May your baby come out of the womb with a bright smile.

Good to see you laughing. I am basically a stand up comedian in my spare time.

I hope you ain’t laughing to hide your ignorance.

Hello! You need to pay me if I am making you laugh so much.

You should be in the laughter crew for all the comedy shows.

Atleast you have one ability to make up for your lack of intelligence, which is sarcasm.

I think you have done P.HD in making mockery of yourself, haven’t you?

Thank Goodness you laughed at the right moment to ease the tension. I was about to kick your head.

I hope you are not hiding your fart behind that wild laughter.

I am sure this is how your wife laughs at you when you are at home.

Are you trying to endorse ciggerates by displaying those teeth of yours?

You look like a pedophile when you laugh.

Keep on laughing as it makes you look less ugly.

Laugh as much as you want till the time I come back to wipe it off your face.

I wonder even your partner could make you laugh just like I did.

If I had a dollar for every time someone laughed at me, I’d be rich by now.

If Mr. Beans would see you laughing, he would do a crash course from you on how to laugh like an idiot.