My dear childhood friend! Do you know what is the opposite of boredom. It is not funny. It is you! Time flies when we are both together! Many many happy returns of the day to you!

You have been an instrumental in propelling me to insane success with the help of your relentless criticism and constant leg pulling. Thank you for that. That’s what childhood friends are there for Isn’t it!!! 😀 Happy Birthday dear!

Hey buddy! It has been an awesome roller coaster ride growing up with you. You have been involved in all my happiness and sorrows. We may be childhood friends in this life but I pray to be brothers in our next lifetimes. Happy Birthday to my dear childhood friend. All the best

The day does not end well for me unless my brain reminds me of a wonderful childhood friend like you. Your friendship is woven with some amazing memories. Happy Birthday dear!

The sun is shining bright
The birds are chirping louder!
The breeze is silky as ever
Because it is the birthday of an awesome person ever!
Happy Birthday to my dear childhood friend!

When I will become older,
I will recall the heroics to my grandchildrens
And it surely will have immense stories about you
Because you have been an amazing friend from the divine
Happy Birthday dear!

I have learnt the secret of staying forever from you i.e. by lying through the teeth. Heheh!! I wish I had known this secret earlier. Jokes apart, you do look younger than your actual age. Happy Birthday!

Its really a skill to scold someone, bring the best out of them and still make them like you even more. I hope there be more people like you in this world. Happy Birthday!

Dear friend! You are amazingly beautiful and gorgeous. So much that you can even bring a corpse back into life. Heheh! Adore you! Happy Birthday and all the best for your future!

You have not only been my awesome childhood buddy
but also my great punchbag: D Thanks for being like that.
Kidding buddy! Happy Birthday! Love you to the moon and back!

Legends has it that where there is a will, there is always a way! May my name also finds its way then into your rich will agreement. 😀 Happy Birthday!

I admire your ability to stay calm, composed during the hardships and continuing your pursuit. I guess that’s what makes you an amazing individual. I wish you stay like this forever. Happy Birthday!

You maybe an year older today but you are more wiser and younger than your next birthday. Happy Birthday! I wish you achieve the zenith of success.

Its very true that sometimes the divine does not give us what we deserve. It gives us more than that. Like he gave me an awesome friend who was the major part of my growing years. I wish every individual in this world gets a childhood friend like you. Happy Birthday dear! Lots of love!

It doesn’t matter how many disagreements and arguments we may have. The heart will always yearn for each other because the Almighty has tied it with the invisible and powerful threads of love, respect and trust. Happy Birthday to awesome childhood friend. May the bond remains alive for eternity.

Blessed are those who remain in touch with their childhood friends despite the ups, down and distractions of life. No matter how much wealth I acquire, the natural highs and adrenaline with you is worth every penny of my life. I wish amazing success in all your personal and professional endeavors. Happy Birthday my awesome childhood friend.

Isn’t it a co-incidence that almost all of my happy memories are some way connected with you. You have been more amazing than I could ever expect from anyone in this world. Thank you amazing friend for making me childhood wonderful. A very happy birthday to you. May there be plenty of joy, happiness and ecstasy remain in our kitty of lives.

The world would be so much nicer, joyous and enriching if there are more people like my childhood friend. She is the epitome of a lovely girl who is always exuberant, smiling and surrounded by a wonderful aura. May your beauty and smile remains sparkling forever darling. Happy Birthday! Cheers to our friendship.

We must have done amazing deeds

We both must have done some amazing deeds in our previous life which is why the Almighty brought us together in this one. There is no one like you who understands the pulse of my being and I am grateful to have you as from my childhood. Happy Birthday dear!

Amazing were the days when we were growing up, chasing skirts and making silly mistakes like kiddos. But we aren’t any different today are we!! Hehehe!! Happy Birthday to my dear childhood buddy!

If I would get a chance to change anything about you, I wouldn’t do so because you are already a complete and perfect human being sent by the Almighty. God bless you and happy birthday!

If time machine ever comes into existence, I will go back in time and relive all those glorious years once again with your friendship. You are something special. Happy Birthday!

Amazing people like you comes once in a while and are even more difficult to keep around. But its in our destiny to be friends for life. Happy Birthday!

I wish the divine to bestow you with amazing success in life. But you already got the best gift of your life when you were young. i.e. me, myself and I. Hahah!! Happy Birthday!