Sometimes when we are extremely busy, we indeed need to reject calls of people even when we do not want to. Any sort of rejection, whether perceived or real, can be taken in the wrong manner by the majority of people. And this is true, especially in a professional scenario. Therefore, even if we have to reject calls, there are polite ways to do it. The best is to return a polite and sincere professional message about the reason for rejecting a call. But coming up with them can be difficult at the needed hour. And this is the reason for writing this post. Here we have curated some of the politest and professional sample messages for declining someone’s call, be it for personal or professional reasons. So let’s get started without wasting any more time.

Polite Samples of Call Decline

Hi. I am actually want to pick up your call but really in the midst of something extremely urgent. Allow me to get back to you once I just get over this thing.

Extremely tired and having headache at this very moment. Is it ok if we talk tomorrow about the matter? Would really appreciate that.

I know it sounds cliche but can you let me know about the matter on message for just now? I am in a situation where not able to call for some reason. But will call you back I assure you.

Hey buddy! Seeing you calling multiple times, I am sure certain is urgent. I am driving the car right now and am about to reach the location. Just message me what’s the matter and will be onto it. Will call you once I reach home.

Involved in some cooking with husband right now. But will call you once it gets over. If anything extremely important, give me a message first.

Hey (Name of the person who called you). I am driving the car right now. Will call you back once I reach the destination. Will that be ok with you?

Hello dear. I am in the midst of something extremely important. I will definitely call you back. Request you to allow me a couple of hours to get back to you.

Hey! As much as I want to pick your call, I am unable to do so as something extremely urgent has come across my way. I am going to call you back once I am done with this thing.

Hello Dear! Please give me a few minutes and I will certainly get back to you. Apologies for not being able to pick up your call now.

Dear (Name of the intended person). Sorry for being unable to pick up your call. I am in a meeting right now and therefore, cannot take calls at this very moment. However, I will soon get back to you.

I just received your call dear. I am right now involved with (the work) and therefore, will call you immediately once I complete the task. Hope you don’t mind.

Perfect template for Call Decline Examples

Hey there! I was expecting your call. But couldn’t pick it up as I am involved in doing some urgent task. However, as soon as I get free, likely in 30 minutes, I am surely gonna call you back.

I was about to pick up your call but then my friend slipped away and hurt himself badly. I will reach out to you. Just give me a few hours to settle down with this emergency situation.

Hello dear! I was expecting your call but something urgent came up at the wrong time. I am in the midst of completing it and will surely get back to you at the earliest, I promise. Hope you don’t mind.

Funny examples for rejecting a call

You know I am desperately looking for way to get out of nonsense meeting. Once the stupid meeting ends, will call you asap.

You are in bad luck as I have again got busy for few minutes now. But try harder for sure after few mins.

Was about to call you but something more interesting has my attention now. Will call you once I become free from it.

Husband wants immediate attention for reasons only known to him. Will call you back once the madness gets over, very likely soon.

Some people can be idiotic to call for no reason. Your call is absolutely important which is why I apologize for not being able to pick up right now. Rest assured that I will get back to you.

Wifey is demanding at this very moment right now. Let me quiten her mind and get back to you.

I am right now involved in something which is as important as Nature’s call. Will get back to you once I am thoroughly done with it.

Funny Call Reject Message

I was dying to pick up your call but right now I am attending nature’s call. And I am sure you wouldn’t like me talking to you on the phone while doing it. Give me a while to do it peacefully and I will get back to you.

You can say that am right now involved in something similar to lovemaking. Will get back to you once I am done with it.

I am panting due to sporting activity. If I pick up your phone right now, you would assume that I am currently doing ……….. You know what I mean. Hence I will call you once my breathing gets back to normal.