Dear Boss! It is so amazing to have someone like you who propels us to achieve excellence in our field. May there be more bosses like you in this world! A very happy Birthday to you!

One of the reasons for being excited everyday for work is the vibrant, active atmosphere that allows us to unleash our creativity. All credits to you Boss Sir!

Its so relieving to see a Boss who is not only concerned about the sales and revenues but also concerned about the welfare of the families, in a genuine way. Thank you for being like that. Happy Birthday!

A true boss never expects from his subordinates for which he himself cannot do. And he always leads the front for facing the challenges. May there be more bosses like you in this world.

Seeing you in charge of us, it is no wonder that all your professional and personal endeavors are well- organized and yield only the best results. I have surely learnt a lot from it.

We not only learn to strive ourselves in our professional fields from you, but also in our personal endeavors. Learning to balance both of them is truly unbelievable and we have only you to thank for. Happy Birthday dear Boss!

Despite the good and bad, the highs and lows, you have always stayed on the same ground and never diluted your ethics and moralities for work. Its really endearing to see that! Happy Birthday!

It is also a skill to stay humble, grounded and to give credit to people who brought your dreams into fruition. I am happy to be working for boss like you. Stay blessed, stay strong. Happy Birthday!

Apart from the professional etiquette, you have permeated in us all sorts of altruistic qualities which has only allowed us to be the better version of ourselves. We couldn’t thank you any more for it. Happy Birthday dear Boss! No one like you!

Bringing out the best from different personalities is a delicate skill that only a few can do. I admire your ability for this.

Despite having a ton of self- doubts and confidence issues, it was your support and motivation that really propelled me to achieve so much success. I am thankful for your endearing support to me boss. Happy Birthday!

Before meeting you, I never knew the real meaning of Boss and leaders i.e. Smart, caring, wise, and extremely productive.

There is a saying that the wiser a man is , the humbler he is. It totally suits you Boss! Happy Birthday!

It is hard thing to see things from your perspective but we all know that you take action while keeping in mind the best interests of us. A very happy birthday to our Boss Man. May we keep accomplishing more creative and fulfilling goals.

The way you are thriving in your age is a testament that learning should never stop and that it yields only the betterment of our life. Happy birthday to you Sir! May you live healthily for many many more decades.

You are not only the head honcho but also a man who walks his talks. With you being at the helm of affairs, we are confident that we will turn out real diamonds in few years of time. Happy Birthday!

The ability to have a far sighted can be learnt with no better than our Boss man. You are the epitome of a kind, sensitive leader for whom we want to expand our work and abilities.

You have been not only a great boss but a great confidant too. The world would be so much nicer if there were more leaders like you in the corporate world.

Creativity and wisdom thrives in workplaces where there is absence of politics and recognition of talent and ability. Thank you Boss for making this organization a really cool place for all of us.

Give Funny wishes Boss (Man) on Birthday

Its no secret that we become productive in your presence. Don’t know whether its the respect or the fear or both 😀 But anyways, a very happy birthday to you!

You should start one more organization solely dedicated to teaching how to be a good boss. I am sure you will earn a lot of revenue from that too. Heheh!!

I am so happy that my previous Boss fired me or else I wouldn’t have been able to work for you! Hehehe!!

May every boss in the world have big ears for all his employees. I mean theoretically hehe!!

Just like with everything, you are a different breed of Boss! Smart, effective and a true leader.

Dear Boss Man! You may be a year older but at least you are still younger than your next birthday!

Since today is a happy day of your life, therefore you definitely want to help people you work with. So I think I should pounce on the opportunity to ask for increment. Heheh!! Oops, I forgot to say, a very happy birthday to you!

Today is one of those days when you will get more wishes than curses..Hehe Kidding only Boss man. You are amazing.

Happy Birthday to our amazing Boss Man! I have been dieting for two days and expecting a fine wine and dine for all of us from you. May you fulfill our expectations.