They say that don’t choose an organization but rather a good boss because s/he will take bring out the best in you and will propel you to great skills. A good boss not only supports his/ her employees but also makes sure that their progress is not hindered with office politics. So if today is the birthday of your boss, then nothing could be better to stand out from the rest than by sending him / her a real funny birthday wish.

May your birthday be extravagant today with lots of blessings and wishes from friends and family. May the birthday party for us employees also be equally extravagant. Happy Birthday dear Boss!

Happy birthday to the head honcho, the top most dog of our organization. 😂 Sorry Boss but couldn’t find a phrase that is technically right and hilarious as hell.

Happy Birthday to the Lord who is responsible for my salary increment. May everything negative you have heard about me vanish away into thin air.

If there would ever be a skill in making a smart, confident person, nervous for some reason, it has to be learnt from our Boss. A skill that I would great use on my critics. Hehe!

No other happiness can be measured equal to the one of buying a nice, elegant birthday gift for a wonderful Boss like ours’s. We have placed the nice gift in your cabin, along with the invoice of course. Happy Birthday.

A great boss is the one who overlooks the occasional mistakes of his / her employees and brush them under the carpets. May you always stay like this our dear boss. Happy Birthday!

Today is the day when many of your business partners and investors will fill up on your Facebook Timeline as if they have been in touch with you all throughout the year.

We know that you are always surrounded with lots of work, goals and visions. But today, we are going to encapsulate you with laughter, fun and a lot of partying.

Its the rarest of rare day when we are going to give our to do list to our wonderful Boss. So boss here it is. Come to the office, cut the cake, give everyone a fine wine and dear and announce holiday for next two days.

Whether you have been good to us or strict, we are going to be a very meaningful and lavish gift for you today, of course from company’s budget. Have a great birthday dear boss.

The best definition of Boss is someone who who keeps on going……giving orders. Kidding Boss. You are a gem of a person.

It is hard to believe that there are kind bosses like ours’s otherwise the connotation with them is heartless and micro-manager.

We all know that our super cool Boss doesn’t shy away from fulfilling our wishes. Therefore, on his birthday, its our demand that you let loosen yourself and shake your leg at the dance stage. Happy Birthday Boss Man!

On this great birthday, I hope that your pot belly reduces along with your strictness too.

May you never every shy away from displaying your grey hair as they are the sign of wisdom and maturity. Happy Birthday Boss!

May every Boss on the planet be like ours’s. Smart, with a cool sense of humor and who doesn’t hold long meetings.

The best employee in your workface is sending you the amazing birthday wishes. Now kindly please return the favor by granting him / her with a salary increment.

I admire the work ethic of my wonderful Boss. Daily coming up to the office, setting up tasks to be delegated to others, and monitoring them seems like a real tough work. Isn’t it Boss man!! Happy Birthday!

Its the day when most employees would come empty stomach knowing fully well that they will served like a pig during the Boss’s birthday party.

Dear Boss! Happy Birthday. May you call off for a half day for all of us today.

Happy Birthday to our wonderful boss who knows how to work hard and party even harder.

I don’t fear my enemy. I fear my the criticism of my Boss.

Happiness is when the Boss announces not coming to the office on his / her birthday and also declare it a holiday for the employees.

A good boss is someone who knows the one who committed blunders but still remain silent to let others play the blame game.

Hard working, funny, hard working, funny. That’s how I would describe my boss.

Dear Boss! You may have heard it many times but when the going gets tough, the employees gets going.😂

I don’t have to wish the divine to bless my Boss because he already has blessed him last year with plenty of money. HBD boss man!

After Mom & Dad, you are the only one who can tame me into productivity.

Its the day of birthday of our wonderful boss, therefore, all rules are ought to be broken today and tomorrow. So day off tomorrow for me.

Dear Boss! Thanks to Google and Facebook that I can find nice, creative and funny birthday message for you. HBD by the way!

A tough boss is someone who on his birthday, comes to the office on time and doesn’t throw a party.

We may not have been able to achieve the most profitable contract for you but we are getting the cake that you always cherish. Everything balances in this world boss.

A great boss is someone who keeps the employees awake when they are napping during work.

A boss is hard working if he never gets tired of, giving the orders. HBD Dear Boss!

The most underrated joy of life is to eat like a pig at Boss’s free birthday party. May everyone gets a Boss like you.

Happy Birthday to the boss who knows how to get more work done with less salary.

Lucky are the employees when their boss works harder than them.

Hey Boss! Today is the day when we can sort out all our disagreements on a wine and dine party, to be borne by you of course.

If robots need to learn how to keep working, they should watch our boss.

May this year of your life propel you to great profitability, which will convince you to increase my remuneration too.

Its your birthday today, so we deserve a deserving off tomorrow, of course after an exhausting birthday party. Did I mentioned free party for us!!

Hey Boss! I am gifting you a nice present on your birthday today. A nice ppt presentation of your urgent work.

The best gift anyone can give to their boss is not poking him (or her) for salary increment. That’s my gift for you on this birthday.

We were thinking of getting you a small cake but then realized you need a big one in order to fit all the candles.