Making your Boss laugh is something everyone looks forward to. And when the occasion is of his or her retirement, then you can always stand out unique with your hilarious wish for him. In this post, you will find plenty of funny retirement wishes for him / her. Some of them may be sarcastic too. Don’t worry. Now that your boss is retired, he or she can’t do a damn about your sarcastic retirement wish. Lol. We are sure you and your boss will love these wishes.

Hey Boss! Now that you are retired, you will miss the time scolding us.

Retirement is the phase of life where no matter what the problem is, you are forced to not worry about it.

With this retirement, the time has now really come when you can stop being angry and grumpy.

Now I can imagine our boss to be taking sunbath, laughing his heart out and having a time of his life. Some sight it would be.

You may be retiring now but you have actually retired several years ago. Lol.

I don’t see it as retirement. I see it as your promotion as you will be now working under a new boss i.e. your wife.

Thank you Boss for all you have done for us. You will not have to face my sudden paid leave messages, especially on Monday.

I never knew that saying goodbye would feel happy too. Hehe! Just kidding boss.

This is not right that you have retired. Now how will I get my increment done!! You were the easiest one to do it based on merits.