It’s the day when you need to be in front of the camera instead of standing behind it.

Your batteries may run out, the memory card may fill out, but not your passion for the perfect moment.

The perfect looks exist for a micro-second and you are too good to not miss it. Thank you for your services all these years.

May you always keep smiling! Just like you say, a Big cheese smile awaits you today for the birthday photographs.

You not only take pictures but the essence of the moment. Our future generations will live these moments, courtesy of the wonderful pics that your camera has taken.

Whether it is the day, night, sunlight, or rainy, your pic gets the best facial expressions. May there be more good photographers like you!

A very big birthday to the individual who makes average people look beautiful and beautiful people look like demigods.

You have captured countless precious moments of our lives. Today is the day when you take a sigh of relief and have fun while others capture your happy moments.

If there was an equivalent of a surgeon in the photography field, it would certainly be you!

Some things cannot be said, they can only be felt. And you know how to capture them. All the best for the future.

Funny Wishes for the Birthday Photographer

The skills of your photography make me believe that you probably started practicing photography when you were in the womb.

You are an amazing photographer, but I look like a monkey in all your photographs. Still, a happy birthday to you.

Standing alongside someone who I do not like, I would never allow you to take our picture as you make everyone look good.

I want you to teach on how to take the perfect picture and fart at the same time.

I know! For every occasion you are hired, you probably have a hell of a time (while editing) laughing your ass off at funny pics of people. I hope someone would be there to frame your funny weirdest pic today.

You can try me to take your photos on your birthday. The pics won’t be bad and I won’t be too expensive like you are.

May the Almighty gives you more patience to capture the perfect expression.

I wish you could teach me how to capture the funniest expressions of my wife discreetly so I can tease her later on.

No offense! At times when you have said cheese to me while taking a pic, I was thinking about kicking your behind.

The only time I was happy in my life despite feeling an ouch in my pocket was when I hired you to take the photos.

It is amazing how you are able to make people smile despite them being angry. I wish there be more people like you.

May all your funny weird expressions be captured today as you capture the same of other people!