The world is an amazing place owing to amazing people like you. I hope this birthday propels you to more success and happiness in life. Happy Birthday to you!

It is a co-incidence how our friendship was formed in the first place. The divine played a huge part in forging our friendship. May it remains alive and sparkling for all our lifetimes. A very happy birthday to you!

You are more than a friend, you are the perfect confidant who knows the ins and out of me. I wish you all the success in your life.

The secret of earning money lies in the marathon instead of the sprint.

It is amazing to see that we don’t have to let our age define our charm and charisma.Your’s is only soaring through the roof with every passing year.

There is a perfect saying that what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger! Happy Birthday to one of the finest individuals I have ever befriended.

Today is the only day of the year when even the jealous people will wish you goodwill. Heheh!!

Today is the day I was anticipating for so long because I know you will treat me to a fine wine and dinner. Happy Birthday dear!

Isn’t it strange that the most meaningful and supportive things in life are intangible, just like you!

A man is only as good as his peers. Thank you for always propelling me to greater achievements. May you achieve the zenith of success in all your professional and personal endeavors.

We all have fair share of flaws but thats what make us alive and endearing to the world. Happy Birthday to an awesome individual.

Seeing our friendship, I wonder who is luckier. You or me or we both. Happy Birthday!

Its a skill to have a resonating heart despite having a ton of tussle and disagreements. There would be no hatred, or anger if everybody in this world would be like you. Happy Birthday!

To say that you have illuminated our life with joy and happiness would be an understatement. You surpassed our expectations with you. May it always stays like this forever.

When the divine was sculpting you, he surely took a long breathe and a long time too. Happy Birthday!

It is a skill to be a good friend and still be able to provide criticism which encourages the doer, instead of feeling discouraged. I admire you for this art. I am sure it has helped many people. Happy Birthday!

Its the day when you came screaming into this world and everyone rejoiced. Remember that we came here alone and we will go alone but the memories of our highs and lows will always nourishes our soui for the eternity.

It is normal for men to drool over beauty but what truly defines you is the naive heart, character and a humble attitude. Happy Birthday to a gorgeous kind girl.

Its amazing how we compliment and rejuvenate each other despite having a ton of disagreement over petty issues. Reflects the pillar of our friendship. Happy Birthday!

As hard as you try to not be funny, you have always something to say which makes me laugh my heart out. I wish more people like you be in this world.

Desperate times reveals the true faces of the people we think as our friends. Thanks for being on my side and supporting me when no one did. A very happy birthday to you dear!

You are not only a good friend but also a great punchbag too dear. Hehe!! Kidding! May you achieve all the success that you are aiming for.

Despite having a tender and naive heart, your ability to stand up against the injustice and strong voice is remarkable. I wish there be more people like you in this world.

Wealth may give luxury but it is natural highs and adrenaline with people like you that makes life worth living. Happy Birthday dear!

Its so grateful of the Almighty to bless us with something that surpasses what we deserve. Like it has brought us into each others’ life.

The more I spent time with you, the more good I come to realize about you. No wonder that you have a magnetic and charming aura.

Spending time with you feels like spending time with a part of my soul only. Every moment with you nourishes my inner being and I am happy for all your success. May you to continue to climb the ladder of success.

Inspiring birthday card texts for Anyone

The amount of difficulties you have absorbed for the success in unbelievable. Any other person would have given up but not you. And you therefore, enjoy the success today. A very happy birthday!

You are the perfect example of an individual who really starts pushes himself, when the situation calls for. Watching you work so hard is an inspiration for many, including me also. I wish you all the luck and joy on this birthday.

I really admire your ability to absorb all the criticism and keep moving forward instead of pointing fingers to others, like so many individuals do.

Every time I start to lose hope of my pursuit, I remind myself of your courage and unwavering support to me.