Every relationship needs humor to keep the spark alive. And Boyfriend Girlfriend are no exceptions. With so much of stress and hectic work life, we all are in dire need of good, relaxing and funny wishes on special occasions. If your boyfriend is having his birthday today, then you can make him chuckle hard with your cute, funny and romantic wishes. These are uniquely thought and written by us. We guaranteed that your guy will absolutely love them.

It’s a year when your fart and snoring have gone down well. May the trend continues to remain the same this year. Happy Birthday!

My wonderful cool man! You don’t have to take me to fine wine and dear tonight. You can instead send a nice gift as your birthday treat.

If patenting was allowed killing the mosquitoes through farts, we certainly would have applied it for you.

My dear handsome guy! Aging may be inevitable but growing up is a choice and a mighty good one. What are your thoughts on it!!!

You certainly have a great taste in women and I am the best example of it.

Happiness is seeing your boyfriend working hard, to prepare a nice meal for you.

Whether its mine or boyfriend’s birthday, we all know for whom we will be shopping for.

Funny Wishes for Long Distance Boyfriend

We may be far away. But our wishes will traverse the space and time to reach each other’s heart and other organs if you know what I mean. Happy Birthday my handsome.

Sometimes, I not only miss my boyfriend but also miss kicking him behind with my nice ankle. May the old days come back soon.

Facebook funny & sarcastic Birthday Wishes for your boyfriend

It’s a real skill to look dashing on one day and a total hideous on the other. Some skill you have my darling.

When the boyfriend keeps on going, the moan keeps on increasing.

Funny cum Romantic wishes for your handsome boyfriend

When the going gets tough in abstinence, the boyfriend gets going, to the girlfriend. Happy birthday, darling!

I know that it feels absolutely amazing when one stands along side a helpful, loyal, and smart gorgeous girlfriend. Isn’t it dear. Happy Birthday by the way.