Dear Bestie! There does not goes a day by when my mind do not waste time thinking about your well-being. Haha!! You are smart, gorgeous and the perfect crime in partner. Happy Birthday Bestie! All the best!

Between the besties, there is an unwritten clause; to not look overly gorgeous, innocent, and charming than the other to the opposite gender. And you surely comply with it my darling!

The world would be so much nicer, cooperative and heavenly if there were more people like my bestie in this world. Hugs, kisses and what not for you my darling! We are gonna have a blast tonight babe! Happy Birthday!

By looking at you, one can certainly say that the divine spent a whole lot of time when he was sculpting you. You are awesome both inside out my lovely bestie! Love you to the moon and back! Happy Birthday! May you pile up mountains of success in your life!

Its certainly true that we both have done some amazing deeds in our previous lives to have each other in this one. May the camaraderie continues forever. Happy Birthday!

The years have flown by with my bestie! You have been my pillar of strength and motivation throughout the highs and lows. I wish every girl gets a bestie like you! Happy Birthday dear! Lots of love!

Isn’t it amazing that how the divine bestows us with more than what we deserve!! That’s how I feel about you my dear bestie! May you succeed immensely in all your personal and professional endeavors. Happy Birthday!

We are sisters living this life like besties. Every moment with you is filled with tremendous joy and exuberance. I adore your aura, charm and charisma. You are one in a million bestie! A very happy birthday to you!

Funny wishes on birthday for the Bestie!

A bestie like you comes once in a while, but once is enough for a girl like me. Hahah!!

Ever since you have came in my life, there has always been a surge of ecstasy and craziness from time to time. I thank you for being on the receiving end of my criticism many times. Hahah!!! Happy Birthday sweetie!

I am sending you an awesome birthday gift, along with an equally awesome invoice too..Hahah! Please pay on time dear bestie! And a happy birthday to you!

It is a universal truth that the opposite gender are like dogs for the first 100 years of their life. And we are hot bitches

We are surely besties but I know a ton of dirty secrets about you than you know about me dear! I hope it stays like for this always!

Bestie! There are times when I not only want to hug you, but you to be my punchbag too! You are awesome at both! Lovely birthday wishes to you!

Hey bestie! Do you know what’s the best thing I have learnt in order to get over a man? It is to get under another one, a thing that I greatly learnt from you!! Haha!! Kidding hottie! Love you a lot. Happy Birthday!

Dear Bestie! If it was a crime for being beautiful in this world, you would probably be roaming free in the street. Hahah!! Don’t worry darling! I probably would be there too to accompany.

You are the only girl in this world of whom I will never be jealous of for being more beautiful, pretty and intelligent. That doesn’t though that you are one of those! Hahaha!! Kidding gorgeous! Happy Birthday!

Inspiring wishes for her

We may fight like bitches in heat but I will never leave your side when you need a shoulder to cry on, a shoulder to propel you to success. Happy Birthday Darling!

The absolute joy of life is to live it on your own terms and I greatly admire you for that!

Dear Bestie! Always remember that the insane physical and mentally demanding challenges which don’t kill you, will always make you stronger than before.

There is a saying that everybody thrives in the good times. It is the bad times that tell us about the character. And you my bestie have plenty of character. Know that you will acquire amazing success very soon. Happy Birthday!

Some people have that phenomenal charm and aura to convey more even by speaking less. You are one of those people my dear bestie! Many many happy returns of the day to you!

Its not easy for people to accept criticisms. That’s exactly what makes you stand out from the crowd. I admire your success dear and I hope to replicate it. May Lord always keep us besties for the eternity. A very happy birthday to you!

One bestie who cherishes me like anything is certainly equal to thousands of my acquaintances who portray as my friend! Thanks for that dear! You are my everything too! Happy Birthday!

You certainly have faced tons of thorns in your life my dear bestie! But success may be lying closely now! Don’t give up the pursuit. I am sure that the divine will reward you soon for your efforts! Keep the faith. Happy birthday to you!