It is always nice to wish our dear friends and family members their birthday wishes. But often our busy lives and negligence sometimes make us forgot these important occasions. In order to makeup, one can certainly send a belated birthday wish, that too a funny one. But coming up with them is far from easy. And that’s what this post is all about. We have prepared 100+ wishes for a funny belated message that you can send to anyone. So do share with them and make them smile.

It may sound funny in this case but it is not bad to stand apart and therefore, I am sending you this deliberate belated birthday wish. Hope you won’t mind.

Did you know that too much of happiness can cause death. This is why some people are needed like me who can bring down the happiness level by not wishing on time. Of course, the stabilizing wish is the belated one, which I am giving it to you right now.😊

I am not sending you a belated wish. I am trying to be the last one who is wishing you a happy birthday. They say that the last person always stands out.

Humorous Belated & Funny Wish

Dear, do you know who is the best salesperson in this world? The one who wishes a belated birthday to his / her friend and still manages to make them smile, cheerful. Agree!

I may wish you a belated one but that doesn’t change the fact that you are smart, handsome, funny and adorable. Sorry for the late birthday wish my dear.

I was a bit hesitant to give you the belated wish of birthday. But I know that you will not only forgive me but will also give me the party. Cheers to your belated one.

I am sorry to wish you on time this time for the birthday. But look at the bright side dear, now you are going to enjoy a fine party, gift and lots of chocolates from me as a way to make you up. Happy belated one dear.

I am very sorry to miss you on your birthday. Kindly be like a deer and forgive us dear.😂

When it comes to me, I set very high standards, for wishing the belated birthdays.

Be happy that I am at least sending you a belated wish, that too a funny one. You didn’t even wish me on my last birthday. Happy belated one by the way.

A friend like me can be counted at all times, except for timely wishes, that too on the birthday. Though, I can be relied upon for belated wishes for sure.

What is the surest moment in our life where we can upset our dear friend and still make him / her forget and forgive our mistake ? Yup, you guessed it right! Its the moment when we wish him / her a funny wish of belated birthday, which he / she is reading and smiling right now. Happy Belated one dear.

I have always remembered your belated birthday date. In order to change it in my brain system, you would be required to give a nice wine and dine to me. Hehehe. Happy Belated one dear.

Now that you are fresh and sober to understand the text, let me wish you a belated one for your birthday. Didn’t wanted to waste my text when you would have been engrossed in dozens of wishes from other people. How is that for standing apart?

The whole world remembers you one for one day, i.e. on your birthday. But a true lazy friend will remember you all year, except on your birthday. Hehehe!! Now tell me, which one of those two groups you want me to be in. Happy Belated one!

I hope I have only missed to wish you on birthday and not the special meal that you prepare for all the guest? Happy belated one by the way.

Funny and weird as it may sound. No matter what we say. It is not easy to forgive and forget. I came to know that last year when you wished me belated birthday. And you are coming to know this year, when I am returning the favor with your belated wish.

It is true that I am not great with late apologies. What I am good though is with copy pasting belated birthday wishes from great Google.

It is not justified to be angry on me for the belated ones. I am sure many would have wished you the same.

Its not just about having the will for a way. Its also about having a brain to come up with a funny wish that too for a belated birthday. And you will agree to that don’t you.

As you sow, so shall you reap. The kind of birthday gift you gave me last year i.e. nothing, deserves only a belated wish from my end. Lol kidding dear. Slipped out of my mind.

The people whom we emphasize the most in our mind often gets skipped at the very important date. Don’t feel sad about my belated wishes to you because you apparently were all day on my mind, just before the birthday though.😂 Happy Belated one dear!

Seeing you, I have now come to terms that the only price one can pay for wisdom is ageing. Happy Belated to you mate!

Since you are turning older, I decided to give you a late birthday wish. Next birthday, the wish will be even more late. Heheh!

Sorry for the late birthday wishes. I will make up with the advance ones on your next birthday. Till then, plz forgive me with my belated birthday wish.

You are a special person and many times, it is hard to find special wishes for a special person. So I didn’t even try to think and send you one on the birthday. Although, I did find a special one for sure for the belated one and that’s exactly what you are reading at mate!

Great hugs and well wishes to the likes of Google from where I can find the perfect belated and yet funny wishes of birthday for my dear friend. I hope you forgive me for forgetting the date.

I may be giving you a belated one but at least it is hilarious and gives you a chuckle. Nope? Ok. Happy belated birthday then!

A good friend is not one who gives you money, buys you free drinks and laughs at your jokes. He is the one who accepts your flaw of forgetful memory of wishing on time and still treats you as the best buddy in his life. Happy Belated one dear!

I forgot to wish you on time this birthday as you whacked me hard on the head somedays ago. Remember? Hopefully, you will remember next time to not do it.

I know there is nothing that will make you forgive my timely wishing you on birthday except when I will wine and dine in order to make up. Happy Belated one mate. Lets hang out for the celebration soon!

A lot of people remembered the date when you were born. Guess what, who is remembering you afterward now? Me. Happy Belated one to you.

Are you feeling deflated with my forgetting of your birthday wish? Let me inflate you with a cute smile, hugs, and kisses you. Happy Belated one dear!

Birthday wishes are like a drug. They wear off after some time. This is why some friends should send the belated ones so that the recipient remains stable with dopamine releases.

They say that a surprise element makes us happy sometimes. I did surprise you by not wishing you on time. And now I am surprising you with this belated wish of birthday. Hope it sounds funny to you!

When people wish you a birthday, it implies that you are getting older. But you aren’t. Trust me! Check yourself in the mirror! But still, if you are craving for the one funny wish from my side, there here it is mate. Happy Belated birthday to you!

Have you heard the phrase that we don’t get what we want, in fact, we get what we deserve. That is exactly why you are getting the belated wishes from me because of your leg pulling of mine all the time. Hahah Kidding sweet heart! I actually forgot. Happy Belated one by the way.

When an individual is too happy and overwhelmed with timely birthday wishes, then someone has to maintain the balance and wish a belated one too. After all, balance is the rule of the nature. Hope its funny! Wishing you a mighty belated one!

I was testing my creativity with a belated wish for you on birthday. While anyone can write a simple wish, it takes a genius to come up with funny wish for the belated one. What you think!!

Sometimes even the ones gifted with perfect memory, suffers from technical malfunction from time to time. Apparently, one of that time coincided with your birthday. Hope this funny message will make you forgive me for the belated wish.

I was searching for the best and original wish for birthdays. It took me two days and unfortunately, your birthday went past by. Then I searched for the funny and original belated birthday wish and found this one which you are reading. Haha!!

If you can be too happy with my advance wishes, then sometimes you have to be content with my belated wishes too. Happy belated one by the way. Hope you had a blast.

It is funny how we forget the most important things in life and can still find ways to make it up. It is also funny how you missed up wishing on my last birthday. I guess I am just returning the favor to you. A very happy Belated and awesome birthday dear!

Everyone says that you are awesome, good looking and cool individual. But I think you are forgetful and forgiving too. Hope you be that for me forgetting your birthday wishes. Happy Belated ones by the way.

A very happy birthday to you. Yup, you heard me right. You think I am wishing you a belated one. Absolutely not! What’s gone is gone! I am instead wishing you for the upcoming birthday of yours, which will be after 365 days I guess.

It is rightly said that the fruits of patience is miraculously sweet. This fruit I am talking about is the belated wish to you of happy birthday.

I definitely sent you a birthday card on time. Funnily, the transport company had got too late for this particular order so I thought of sending the belated wishes to you via message.😜

There is nothing better to receive a heartfelt birthday message later on after the non stop calling and wishing by friends, family and acquaintances.

You pulled my legs all throughout the year. I am wishing you a belated birthday message. We are even now.

Sending you adorable puppy eyes for forgetting your birthday. Happy Belated one though!

We live in a place where it is mandatory to wish someone after their birthday has gone. You and I live in that part of the world. So happy wishes of birthday, the belated ones.

While everyone can wish a birthday on time, it takes some real talent for making someone smile with even the belated birthday wish. And I know I have that in me. Can feel you are already agreeing and smiling reading this. Happy Belated Birthday dear!

There is no bigger pain in the world than to forget the birthday of your bestie. Please take out her out of this pain by accepting her kind birthday wishes, belated though. You could also take her out for shopping.

Very few people can make me apologize. Congrats for making me do on forgetting your birthday wish. I hope you make the most of this rare occasion.

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. And that’s what I am doing by wishing you a belated message on birthday.

Facebook apparently has bugs that’s why it didn’t pop your birthday notification to me on time. Gonna complain it to Zuckerberg. Oh happy belated birthday by the way.

Have you heard the phrase that there is beauty in everything ? That everything also includes wishing someone a belated birthday.

I know you won’t believe me but you really look cute and hot when you are angry which is why I decided to give you a late wish on birthday.

Belated or on time, it takes a whole lot of effort to come up with creative wishes on your birthday. I hope you had a great party. I Will not forgot surely next time.

I was thinking of some clever reason for missing your birthday wish on time but then Google suggested me that honesty is the best policy. Hope you don’t mind.

When we forget the birthday of our dear friend, then it means we were definitely doing something productive. Isn’t that what legends said it dear? I am sorry for missing the birthday. Many congratulations to you dear.

The best gift on a birthday would be something that doesn’t make one bother about ageing. And that’s what I hope I have done by forgetting to wish you on time. But one cannot imagine to not wish a sweet belated birthday wish to you. Aye! Happy Belated to you sweet heart.

I was wondering maybe everyone should have their birthday parties for at least a couple of days so that latecomers like me can still appear nice, naive, and charming even when we wish you a belated birthday wish. Hehehe!!

No matter how good of a friend like you, if am unable to remember my own birthday, then don’t expect me to remember your’s. But at least I am wishing you belated on time.

Friendship goes both ways. I may have missed you wishing on time but you could have let me known that today is your birthday. Anyways, here to you a nice belated birthday wish.

Being late is the new sexy. Hope you will agree with me.

It takes a big heart to accept that a dear friend of forgot your birthday. It takes an even bigger heart to acknowledge it by the birthday boy and send him to thank you wishes for the belated wish. Hope you will set a good example by doing it.

I may have forgotten your birthday but you still owe for bearing your tantrums all year long.

Legends has it that it is the heart that actually matters and not the gesture. So know that am wishing you a belated birthday by words but happy birthday to you from heart.

If a good friend can accept you for their late birthday wishes, then they are like a dime. Time for you to prove it that you actually are. Happy Belated Mate!