In the rat-race and taking care of other’s, sometimes we forgot to appreciate our uniqueness and take our positives for the granted. So much so, that at times we may even forget our birthdays. Surprising us with wonderful Belated words is a way to refill our confidence and nourish our self-esteem. You truly are unique and therefore anything less than special belated words would not do the justice that God intended to in the first place. So here are some truly special belated birthday wishes for yourself!

I always love surprises so here is the belated wish for me.

Its ok to be late for ourselves when others need us the most.

I know its late. But happy belated birthday to a selfless individual, me, myself and I.

Belated birthday to one who is a shining light in every room.

The birthday may always come on time, but the dreams have been delayed. Happy Belated one for me!

Forgotting my own birthday for remembering other’s, something I am happy to do. Happy Belated Birthday to an awesome me!

Happy Belated Birthday to the person who chose naivety over ego.

To the one who is better than me in all aspects; the future version of mine. A very happy belated one.

Its better late than never I guess. So a wonderful belated one for me.