May this year of your life brings you a ton of exuberant and joy. May the divine gives you plenty of reasons to smile. Stay happy, stay blessed. Happy Birthday!

If I have to count the no. of joyous moments in my life with you, it would be infinite. You are a ray of sunshine and I wish the Almighty sends more people like you in this world. Happy Birthday!

The Almighty can see that you are in putting in a lot of hard work and patience and I am sure that he will reward you with monumental success. Keep going strong! A happy birthday to you!

I never knew that life can be heavenly because of true friends like you. May there be plenty of joy and serenity available in our kitty of life. God bless you!

Do you know that you are privileged to be the only person in this world who can pull my legs and still not get a serious kick to your behind, Hehehe!!

To all the people who are jealous of such a noble soul, I pity them. I hope you do not get affected by such people and continues to carry on the good work.

Good and short birthday sweet wishes for everyone

No matter how much stressed out I am from the daily working, my cells quickly recuperate owing to your hearty laughter. It is infectious, and surreal. I hope you stay like this forever.

It takes a strong hearted individual like you to bear the tantrums of a friend like mine. We both are glad to have each other in our life and I absolutely adore our friendship.

Not everyone can tolerate the criticism and that’s what I admire about your being. We may not agree on many things but one thing I know that you are kind hearted person.

Tussles and banters do not hurt but can instead be rejuvenating if done with honest-hearted people like you. Happy Birthday!

It would be an understatement to say that you are extremely gorgeous. But the good thing backing it is the tender, naïve and intelligent heart that keeps you grounded too.

While everybody enjoys the highs of life, only a few are able to take learnings from the lows of life. All this has been possible only due to the support of you. May God gives a friend like you to everyone in the world.

There are times when we disagree but the heart always yearn for your presence and banters and I know that you feel the same for me too. Many many happy returns of the day to you dear!

Everywhere you go, your aura and bright smile makes the environment lighter, and surreal. I admire your ability to connect with so many people with different strata of society. Happy Birthday!

There would be no envy, bad feeling and hatred in the world if there are more people like you who only wants to see the best in everything and still care for injustice against the unprivileged.

It is amazing hard to be away from you but merely thinking about brings a smile to my face and wipes out the negativity. I wish you achieve all the success in your professional and personal endeavors.

There are times when I am angry with you. But your absence compels me to forgive your mistakes and instead nourish our friendship. I hope you feel the same from your end too. Happy Birthday!

Some many like you or hate you but no one certainly can ignore you. This is the truth. May this birthday empowers you to all the success in the world.

The good moments in my life has only gained momentum ever since you have come into in it. May this friendship always remain alive for eternity.

You are the real life example of a tough individual who starts going when the going gets tough. I am so proud of you dear!

Where there is honesty, truth and altruism, no bad can exist, like our relation and feelings for each other. I admire the person you are and wish you all the best for future. Happy Birthday!

Some of the best things in life do not come easily without persistence. You may be facing obstacles but if you keep moving, you will emerge victorious. Lots of birthday wishes for you!

I cannot believe how we ended up having each other in our life. We both surely have done a lot of good karma in our previous lives. May this bond extends to all our next lifetimes also.

It is amazing how our thought wavelength matches on so many topics. Agreement or no, the pillar of our relationship will always be the respect for each other’s opinions even if we disagree with it.

There is so much that you have infused in me over the year. And every bit of that has contributed towards great development of my mental and physical well-being. Thank you for all of that dear. Happy Birthday!

You may have fair share of difficulties in life but never leave hope because the Almighty certainly rewards individuals like you who want to earn their living by honest means only. Wishing you the happiest of birthday wishes.