Dear Hubby! You are the lifeline of my being. Every day and night with you is amazing and I wish this roller coaster caravan of our joy continues forever. A very happy birthday to you!

There is no doubt that you make me more than happy. You fulfill my every erotic desire and you treat me like a queen because you are the kind of my life. Its more than amazing to have you in my life. Happy Birthday dear!

Life was amazing before I met you. But once you came, it filled the void and became complete. Thank you propelling me to great heights of success and happiness dear hubby! Happy Birthday!

You have made every day of my life very special. No matter whether its the high or low of life, the heart always yearns for your presence and touch. May every woman be gifted with a hubby like you. Lots of birthday wishes, hugs and kisses to you my love!

As a person and as a husband, you have never ceased to amaze me with your aura, personality and gorgeous looks. The heart still skips a beat every time my eyes lays upon your face. Happy Birthday!

There are many times in our life where God doesn’t give us what we deserve, but a hell lot more than that. Just like the divine gave me you my dear husband! May you reach the zenith of success in all your personal and professional endeavors. A very happy birthday!

The world would be such an awesome place if there were more husbands like you. People would be nicer and life would be happier too. You are one hell of a special man and I greatly adore you dear husband! Happy Birthday!

We may be far apart at times but my love and blessings will always travel the space and time to reach your heart. The invisible yet powerful strings of our love will always remain tied owing to the blessings of the divine. Lots of birthday wishes my gorgeous husband!

It is amazing to see how even disagreements and arguments with you rejuvenates my physical and mental well being. A woman could only do that with a special husband like you! God bless us and our family!

You are my best friend Hubby

There is no doubt that you know the ins and outs of me. And I am happy to let me shell down for a person like you. You complete me like nothing else. Without any shell of a doubt, you are my best friend! Happy Birthday darling husband!

Its the special day of your life where you come crying loudly into this world. And you have achieved some amazing things till now. I wish you continue to rock our lives like this forever. Happy Birthday sweet husband!

Friends may come and go but a friend cum soulmate will always be in every cell of mine till the eternity of life. There is surrealism, ecstasy and tranquility in every moment with you. I thank the divine for giving me a husband cum best friend like you. Happy Birthday!

You are the epitome of a husband

I must say that when the Almighty decided to make you, he took a lot of it. And the end result is a masterpiece as we can see. I am sure that for creating a handsome man, the divine certainly takes you into reference. Happy Birthday gorgeous hubby!

I certainly have done some special deeds in my previous life to have got a special hubby like you. Every cell of your being radiates joy, exuberance and vigor. If any young boy wants to have everything in his life, you are the perfect role model for him.

I wonder how life would have turned out if you would have not been my husband! Its unimaginable to think that! But I truly feel blessed to have you in my life. Some things are truly appreciable once we just give a thought about its absence.

You are the best father I could have for my kids

You are not only the perfect husband but more than a perfect father of our kids. Our kids adore you and they thank me for choosing you as my life partner. Hehe!! Happy Birthday to an awesome man. Lots of love dear!

Thanks to your handsome physical and emotional traits, our kids are the eye candy for every one. They love you with all their heart and their mommy adores you just like you adore us with every cell of your being. May you continue to rise and shine with your amazing, benevolent heart. Happy Birthday!

Never give up dear! Keep going because I stand by you

There may be moments in life where you feel overwhelmed with all the expectations and stuff. But do know that what the future may hold for us, I will always stand by your side, shoulder to shoulder, to ease your burden because I have all the faith in the world in you! Happy Birthday!

Success may be crawling towards you at snail’s rate but know that the divine will reward you by leaps and bounds because you are putting in your sincere effort. And it will be rewarded, certainly sooner, if not tomorrow. Keep the pursuit going my courageous husband. A very happy birthday to you!