Happy Birthday to you dear! We may not meet regularly but my thoughts and prayers are always for your happiness, success and peace. May you achieve way more than you expect from yourself!

The world needs more dashing, dynamic and cheerful people like you. Your altruism, charming aura is infectious and makes everyone feel better about themselves. Happy Birthday!

Over the years I have realized the joyous secret of birthday. Its not in the actual gift but in the anticipation of it. So my dear, revel in the anticipation because I will be sending a nice gift to you on your next birthday!

Isn’t it strange that almost every meaningful thing in life is intangible yet powerful, just like our bond, which is one in a million! You have propelled me to my best version and I am simply thankful to you for it.

Leaving aside all our tussles and disagreements, I can say that our happy moments are the natural drugs that revitalizes our well being. I am grateful to have someone like you in this life. Many many happy returns of the day to you.

Who says that we have to wait to go to heaven? Heaven and paradise is here and you my friend are the key component of it. A very happy and cheerful birthday!

With our evolving friendship and wisdom, I can only imagine how beautiful our life is going to be in the upcoming years. May everyone gets to have a friend like you. Lots of luck and birthday wishes to you dear!

For sister

No brother can be as lucky as me in this world because I have a sister like you in this world. Happy birthday to my dear sister. You bring so much joy and happiness in my life! May the divine propel you to infinite success.

Even though you are my sister, you have pampered me no less than like our mother. Thank for infusing me with all your love and joy. I wish everyone gets a sister like you!

For Brother

To say that I am lucky to have you as my brother is an understatement. You are my pillar of strength and life has been more blessed to me because of a wonderful brother like you. Happy Birthday!

Its so glad that we are living in the era of Google. Gives me so many options for choosing an awesome birthday thought for my dear brother! Heheh! 😀

For Daughter

To my gorgeous daughter! Your mommy sees her reflection in your naive, beautiful eyes. And you will always be a princess for your daddy no matter how much you grow! A very happy Birthday! May our prayers and blessings propel you to the zenith of success.

We as parents have certainly done some great deeds in our previous life which is why the divine has blessed us with an angel like daughter such as you. You illuminate our lives with your fervent and vibrant personality. On you birthday, we wish you a happy birthday and the mighty good luck!

For husband

May the divine keeps our sacred bond of marriage alive for all the next lifetimes too. May you achieve all your personal and professional endeavors.

It was a co-incidence that the divine brought us together. I couldn’t have asked for a better life partner than you! A very happy birthday to you!

You have done a fantastic job of tolerating me with a smile on your face every time. That’s exactly what the secret of your success is. A very happy Birthday darling husband!

Dear Hubby! Living with you has taught me that Wisdom not only goes up but can also spiral down in the reverse direction too! Thanks for your lovely contribution over the years 😀

For Best Friend

We have had a fair share of the highs and lows of life. It has always been a roller coaster ride and I can always count on you during the difficult times. Thanks for your faith. It has served me well and I wish to reciprocate that in every possible way. Happy Birthday dear!

There may be many thorns in the path of success but you will always overcome it because you have the love and blessings of well-wishers around you, including me too. A very happy birthday!

My dear friend! when the going gets tough, the tough certainly gets going. I hope you don’t give up now because success lies very near to you now. Keep going!

Over the years, you have done a fabulous job for being at the receiving end of my jokes :D. Don’t be angry. I am only repaying you your kind gesture over the years! Kidding dear! Happy Birthday!

As we grow up, we become smart, funnier and wise. Did I forgot weird looking too! Don’t worry my friend, I am no different either!

For Mother

I pray to the divine to return me to the toddler days so that my mother could again pick me up, caress me and hug me. No matter whether we fight or whether I grow up, my heart will always yearn for her care, her bright smile and for her good health and longevity. May you be mother in all the next lifetimes too. Happy Birthday!