Happy Birthday My dear! Life may present you with many obstacles but a talent like you will overcome them if you just persist. Wishing you all the best in your personal and professional endeavors.

Sometimes life can be harder than we expect but our faith in the divine will always propel us to make that extra effort. I wish you overcome all the burdens that are obstructing your success. All the best dear. Happy Birthday!

You may have the best talent and skills in the world but a friend like me is paramount to keep you on your toes and glued to your goals. May everyone gets a friend like me 😀 But a happy birthday to you!

Many many years ago, a naïve, cute angel came from the heaven in order to life an abundant life. Not only she pushes herself to the core, but also carries the people along herself. She is the epitome of a altruistic human being and I wish her only the best in life. Many birthday wishes to that dear lady.

There is an an unwritten clause in every friendship to not be smarter, beautiful, handsome, and intelligent than your best buddy 😀 , especially to the opposite gender. I admire you for complying with it. All the best for your future and vision. Happy birthday!

Its not the no. of years but the quality of them that actually matters. May you get whatever you are seeking with your heart. Happy Birthday!

You are a ray of sunshine and your exuberance and positive aura who can bring a tectonic shift in one’s perception and happiness. I wish there be more people like you in this world. A very happy birthday to you!

Hearty friends and good wishes are the soul nourishing ingredients that not everyone gets in their life. I wish this life to be amazing and awesome for you. Enjoy your every day and happy birthday!

On your birthday, I ask the divine to propel you to immense success. May you surpass your own expectation and include my name too in your rich will agreement. 😀 Kidding! A very happy birthday to you and all the very best for your future.

Legends have said that there is a saying of sowing and there is a season of reaping but you never do both in the same season. You have sowed the seeds of success. Now its time to let them ripen and reward you. Waiting eagerly for your fruits of success. Happy Birthday!

The journey itself of chasing the goal is much enlivening than acquiring the goal. May your journey be filled with optimism, belief and persistence. All the best and keep your pursuit high! Happy Birthday!

You dear have come a long way owing to my relentless criticism and constant support 😀 . Once you acquire the riches, I hope you reward me with a significant amount. Hahah! Many many happy returns of the day to you!

We may be far from each other but the distance also allows us to dilute our disagreement and resentment for each other 😀 . But my good wishes for you will always traverse the space and time to nourish your heart and soul. On this day, I pray for your immense success. Happy Birthday!

You may have heard it many times but where there is a will, there always comes up a way. May the thorns of defeat do not demoralize you as your heart and soul will surely be rewarded with infinite success surely. Happy Birthday dear! All the best for your future!

Wishing you a bright future. Happy Birthday, dear!

No matter how much we succeed or acquire wealth, there will always be someone above and below us. Important is to be compassionate towards our self and keep pushing that boundary of success. Your future looks bright. Wishing you all the best. A very happy birthday!

Success usually requires immense sacrifices but the reward is more fulfilling beyond our wildest expectations. Happy Birthday to an awesome human being! May the divine give you all the courage and persistence in the world.

We may have fights and disagreements from time to time but my good wishes for you will never cease. May the divine bestow all the happiness in your life. Wishing you good luck and prosperity. Happy Birthday!

You may have thousands of acquaintances and friends but my sincere wishes will always be with you. I pray to the divine to give you mountains of success. All the best. May all your dreams come true. Happy Birthday!

It may seem that we have different abilities bestowed from the Almighty but our potential to achieve success will always be the same. Because we are all the child of the divine. May you keep pushing yourself out of the comfort zone. All the best for your vision. Your hard work will surely pay off. Happy Birthday!

It is the resonance of our heart and mind that has made us enjoy the highs of life. But its the lows of life that showed me your inner strength. You may not believe but you are more than capable of achieving your dreams. All my best wishes are with you. Enjoy your birthday!