It is so amazing to know that you have turned 31. It is the age when the light of wisdom is permeating every bit of your consciousness. I hope the divine has plenty of euphoria and success stored in for you. Happy 31st Birthday dear!

Congrats for turning a year older. These thirties are going to be your life changer if you treat them as life changer. Happy Birthday!

Who says that our looks get defined till puberty? You are turning gorgeous and more charming with every passing year. I hope the trend continues forever. Happy 31st birthday dear!

I never thought you would be so damn handsome and charming with that exuberant aura at this age. Damn, you are defining the 30s my goodness. Stay like this forever. Happy Birthday!

The day is not far when you and I will be enjoying the nostalgia of our thirty first birthday. May you enjoy each day of your life with love, happiness and prosperity. Happy 31st birthday to you my friend.

The first 30 years of our life do not have to define the tone for the rest of our lives. We should aspire to dream the bigger than life. Happy Birthday!

Contrary to the popular belief, the 30s of your life will be pure heavenly and it will only keep getting better. May this 31st birthday propels you to immense success, health and longevity. Happy Birthday!

It is a beautiful phase of your life where you are easily able to identify your well-wishers from the fake wishers. Happy 31st.

An angel made her way onto this planet exactly 31 years ago. Till now, she has given plenty of reasons to smile for others. Her exuberance, vigor and altruism is rare to find these days. I wish more women be like her. Happy 31st birthday dear!

These 31 years of your life may not have been as per your expectations but I am sure the upcoming years will be. All my blessings and prayers are with you dear.

Inspiring 31st birthday wishes

Some of the prominent success in the world are accomplished by people well in their 30s, 40s and even 60s. So if you are still figuring your way, don’t feel dejected. Have faith and keep moving. Happy 31st Birthday to you!

You are in that phase of life where you can ignite fire to your dreams or let them die a slow regretful death. I hope you will chose the former.

No matter how hard the going goes, I will always be there by your side. In the next lifetimes, we could be brothers but for this one, I will be your supporter for sure.

You may feel that things are not going in your direction. Always remember that God gave you more talent and ability that you will ever use in your lifetime. Your gift to god is to make use of that talent and ability as much as you can in this lifetime.

It is only the low phases of life that presents us the true characters of our so called friends, relatives and acquaintances. I hope you have figured out by now, that who are there to support you in your personal and professional endeavors.

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The way you are sailing through the difficult times can inspire even the corpse to come back into life. We need more inspiring people like you. Happy birthday!

Always remember dear that when the going gets tough, the tough always gets going. May the failures only propel you to chase success with even more ferociousness.

No amount of success in life will teach us more than the failures. They are essential for polishing the diamond so that it sparkles its uniqueness in the world.

Always keep in your heart that tough times do not last but tough people will always!

Funny 31 Happy Birthday Wishes

Your lying through the teeth about your age has started to give you a placebo effect. You are shining bright and chirpy and I couldn’t be more excited what the future has in store for you!

You may not have women luring you in your twenties but I hope this new decade turns your fortunes around for good. Haha!

Its hard to believe that you were a naive girl just a day before and a wise and matured one all of sudden today. Hmm. I think I will believe the former.

On this auspicious occasion of your 31st birthday, I would like to buy new pair of gloves, for myself, so that I could give you 31 punches for tolerating you leg pulling me over the years.

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So nice to see you turning 31. But I feel that your wisdom need some more years to fully flourish. Hahah! Don’t worry dear! I was a late bloomer myself.

Many a times, in our 30s, we don’t need motivation. We instead need some hard kicks to our b**t so that we get off our a**. Would love to know your great thoughts about it. Happy 31st birthday!

You make me jealous of looking like so youthful and a teenager even at the age of 31. I think you should spill the secret to me or else our friendship will be terminated 😀 Hahah Happy 31st birthday my friend!