Many big organizations have a system of conducting exit interviews in order to know the exact cause why the employee is leaving so that they could retain other talents from leaving. However, when things with your Boss have turned bad, it is difficult to criticize him/her without being too harsh. If you are looking for such answers where you can pinpoint the reason for your leaving to the Boss, who likely did bad things to you, then you will examples of it here.

At times, we were not able to agree on a lot of things. His / her point of view was far different and unfortunately, as much as we both tried to be on the same page, some miscommunications always came. However, I do wish him/her a great career and a team.

As much as we want to understand the other individual, sometimes things don’t get work out. Our Boss may not have the confidence in me and therefore, pointed out mistakes however, I, with absolutely an unbiased view, can say that my skills and creativity were definitely aligned for the growth of the company. May be the boss wasn’t able to see that. But that’s fine. We cannot make everyone agree to us. It has been quite a ride working with our Boss. All my best wishes for him / her for similar incidents.

Not every method of encouragement works the same way on every individual. I guess our Boss was adamant about encouraging everyone the same way. I obviously felt not so much inspired by it. There were a lot of bad scenarios, which unfortunately took a toll on not only me but also on the boss too. I am sure we both have learned a great deal from such a working relationship even if it was tumultuous. But no hard feelings for our Boss. As humans, we all learn by mistakes and experiences. My best wishes for him/her for future endeavors.

It just happens that sometimes people get biased and take a decision from a particular perspective. While its vital for different perspectives to exist together, sometimes, what we feel right may not seem right to the other person. And when that other person is the Boss, then things can get pretty bad at times. But after analyzing what transpired the events between us, I can say where our Boss’s perspective was coming from. But no worries. This was a great learning curve for both of us and I hold no feelings for our Boss.

There was a lot of communication gap which ultimately disrupted the smooth working of our processes. However, with every bad scenario, there are always things to learn and I have greatly learnt a lot from our Boss from such events.

There is nothing so-called bad in professional endeavors. Everything is an experience and I am happy to say that I have grown to be leaps and bounds even when the boss and I weren’t onto the same wavelength of thought and processes. It has been a roller coaster ride but I am happy to have learned some valuable lessons from it.

Sometimes, we learn a valuable lesson from bad experiences in our professional endeavors. But I have no anger or negativity for anyone including our Boss or colleague. We all tried our level best according to our wisdom but unfortunately, it didn’t work out. But I am sure that this experience has taught us many things. I do wish our Boss all the very best for the future.