One of the common denominators of a happy family is a vivacious, bubbly, and cheerful aunt. If your aunt has her birthday today, it’s not important but imperative to make her feel special because she certainly deserves some special and heartwarming words. And nothing could be better than to wish her in a cheerful and funny way. In this post, you will find plenty of such messages for your aunt.

HBD to aunty who gives me everything which Mom and Dad refuses to. Lots of love!

Its been a long time that I have got to pull your legs. Dear aunt! Please stay with us more often so that I could have a gala time with you.

A crazy aunt is the one that I have always wanted. God certainly heeded my prayer. Many many happy returns of the day to you dear. You are one in a million.

The best thing you have done in your life is to pop out some amazing cousins. Thank you for that dear auntie! May you pop out a few more.

If anyone can persuade Mommy for anything, it is not our Dad. Its our cool aunty. So wonderful to have you. May all the aunties in the world be like you.

Awesome people get good friends in their life whereas the ultra lucky ones get a cool, charming and a gorgeous aunt. Happy Birthday to you aunt! Love you to the moon and back.

My aunt is older, only in numbers. She still gives me run for their money with her looks, charm and charisma. HBD

HBD to amazing aunt who has kept my secrets in her stomach till now. May you continue to do that till eternity.

When mom’s scolding nature aggregate with the bestie attitude, that’s what aunt is.

Dear Aunt! You may be elder to me but our wisdom is essentially on the same level.

Hey aunt! It is a crime to look that gorgeous, charming, and a head-turner at your age. I wish I too look the same even at your age. Happy birthday!

Hey aunt! May you always be smiling your heart out, at least till the time you have got all your teeth.