As a parent, nothing can give us more happiness and love than hugging our babies, making them sleep, roaming them and witnessing their cute, innocent smile with puppy eyes. When your baby girl and boy turns five month old, it is a moment to celebrate surely. So make cards, greetings and notes to jot down a wonderful, heartfelt baby birthday wishes for your five month old toddler. You will definitely the ones we have written below.

When you came into my life 5 months ago, I was speechless. I may have had to bear severe labor but all that was worth it to bring an angel like you, my lovely daughter. Wishing you lots of love on completing five months with us.

Blessed is the mommy who is able to have a beautiful girl like my daughter. These five months have been so blissful for me. Witnessing your smiley face after sleep is the best love for any mommy. Congratulations on completing 5 months, my dear girl. Lots of love!

Wishes for Son from Mommy

Some things in life cannot be tagged with a price. When I gave birth to you five months ago, all I ever wanted was to have a healthy child. You are not only that but an absolute treat to the eyes. Your cutest smile and touch enlivens the heart of your mommy. Happy Birthday on your 5th birthday my baby boy. So glad to see you growing up.

When I caress you, I feel the divine inside you. When you look at me, it appears as if God himself is looking at me with those puppy eyes. I promise you my baby boy than Mommy will always adore you like she has in the last five months. Lots of birthday kisses and love for completing 5 month in this world.

Wishes for Daughter from Daddy

The father daughter duo is arguably the best thing in the world. You may have worked your daddy hard in the last 5 months but everything of it is well worth the effort. I may have had sleepless nights but your one angelic smile and touch rejuvenates your daddy. Happy fifth month birthday my sweet daughter. Daddy loves you a lot!

Never even in my wildest dream, I thought that having a daughter would mean so much. But after you were born five months ago, a paradigm shift changed my heart. Your daddy didn’t know that he had a softer side also. But now, I can’t imagine wishing my baby girl every day, all the time. So happy to see you five months old now. God bless you!

Wishes for Daughter from Mommy

When a daughter is born, she gets a friend for a lifetime. The day I gave birth to you, 5 months ago will probably remain the most surreal moment of my life. So happy to see growing, kicking, and smiling more and more day by day. Congratulations to my angelic daughter for becoming five months old.

Dear cutie pie daughter. I never thought that life would be so rewarding. Daddy may have had many regrets and sadness in life but all that dissolved away five months ago, when you came into this world. You are absolutely adorable and I can’t wait to see you turn into a beautiful girl. Lots of kisses and love to my angelic daughter for being five months old now.