Turning 50 need not be associated with turning old. Legends have said many times that age is just a number and science is proving this every now and then with our body, heart and mind can be young if we live a stress-free life with good nutrition. But the most important thing in life that keeps us young, agile, and happy is humor. And what could be better to give funny and delightful wishes for the 50th birthday? And this is what this post is all about. Plenty of funny fiftieth birthday messages, quotes, and images for men, women, brother, sister, cousins, boss and etc. So let’s get started now.

Wishes, Quotes For Woman | Sweet and funny

Happy Birthday to the fiftieth birthday woman, oh sorry girl, who will forever be in her twenties in her mind.

My dear! You really don’t look like fifty at all. You look elderly. Hehe! Just kidding.

Hey girl!!! If it feels difficult to keep all the gifts with you then feel free to share it with me.

If anyone suggest a miraculous anti-ageing cream, don’t bother buying it. The creams barely works on us fifties. You are beautiful the way you are.

In all these years, the best thing I have learned from you is how to stay young, alive, and dynamic forever, by lying through the teeth.

You may have turned 50 only but you are way wiser than that. Congrats for reaching this grand milestone.

Despite all of what you have faced in these last fifty years, you have been resilient, full of purpose and a vibrant soul. I salute your altruism and selfless concern for others. Happy birthday!

Messages For Men

Happy Birthday to an awesome man who still looks half his age with wisdom that of double his age. May there be more folks like you in this world.

Legends have rightly said that if grey hairs represent wisdom, then my dear friend like you is Buddha! Welcome to the fifties mate.

Its the decade where you might be able to achieve this feat without any effort. The feat is to laugh and fart at the same time.

Now that you have turned fifty, you will barely realize when you did it the last time. Forget about where you did it the last time. Welcome to the fifties.

Lots of funny Images

For the brother Sister and cousins

We have all been taught that unconditional love is the best thing one can gift to any one. Therefore, on this 50th birthday, I am not buying you a gift but sending my unconditional love. A very happy birthday!

Dear Cousin! Always remember that growing older and wiser can be two different things. And that wisdom not only increases but can also spiral down with age.

No matter what age you reach, never ever suppress your child like naivety and (stupidity also) to creep up in your behavior from time to time.

For the Happy Boss

Happy Fiftieth birthday to our boss. May you grant all of us an early leave followed by a fine outing tonight for all of us.

On the special occasion of your fiftieth birthday, all of us folks have brought one nice special gift for our Boss. You will certainly find it heartwarming along the invoice on the table. Happy Birthday on turning 50 Boss.

Hey Boss. Many many happy returns of the day to you. May this nice message propels you to give me a nice increment this year.